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    I'm thinking of transferring to Arizona from So Cal, and had some questions I was hoping some of you guys could clear up for me.

    Me and the family are considering moving to the Vistancia area of Peoria, what are the nearest hubs, and how is the business growth in the area? (I dont want to get a transfer, and there not be any work)
    Second, and maybe most importantly, what is the top rate for FT drivers?

    Thanks in advance
  2. retiredTxfeeder

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    Transferring is a new one on me, especially at the driver level. You can quit and start over if you want. I haven't been part time since 1977. Maybe part timers can transfer under some circumstances like maybe a school transfer or something, I don't know. I'm sure someone on here can answer for sure.
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    Last I knew, UPS didn't transfer drivers unless they close a small building to consolidate. I did know one guy who quite in one state and got rehired in ours, but that tends to be a fluke.
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    Transfers are allowed within the Western Conference.

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    Upstate is correct. Transfers are allowed but are extremely rare. To the op.....the closest hubs are the Phoenix hub or Estrella hub. In my opinion vistancia is too far from these hubs. Top rate is 32.92.