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    These pro athletes are nothing but PUNKS !!...........

    NBA Players Reportedly Drew Guns in Christmas Eve Argument

    Friday , January 01, 2010

    An NBA all-star and his Washington Wizards teammate reportedly drew guns on each other in the team's locker room during a Christmas Eve fight over a gambling debt, the New York Post reports.
    Gilbert Arenas, 27, went for his gun first, the Post reported, citing unnamed inside sources. His teammate Javaris Crittenton, 22, allegedly brandished a firearm as well.

    It was unclear whether other teammates saw the standoff inside the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., the Post reported.

    The Wizards announced on Christmas Day that Arenas had admitted to bringing guns to the locker room and had turned them over to team security. The NBA club's statement didn't disclose how Wizards officials discovered that Arenas was storing weapons on the job.

    "It's in the hands of [Washington] authorities," Wizards General Manager Ernie Grunfeld, a former star Knicks player and president, told the Post, declining to go into details. "We're going to get to the bottom of this, if there is a bottom to this."
    Washington police said they were investigating Arenas for gun-possession violations.
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    It's ironic that the Washington DC police will be investigating this as one of their own decided to bring a gun to a snowball fight:

    DC Cop Waves Gun at Snowball Fight!
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    You know what they say, thugs will be thugs
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    I stopped watching the NBA years ago. We had Allen Iverson in Philly his bs was enough to make you sick. Seems people like him are now the rule not the exception in pro ball.