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    My wife is due mid feb . Do I get any days off ? I want to take some time off , fmla ?? Do I loose my vacation time ? 2 weeks would be great . What happens if baby is coming when I am on the brown truck ? I will not miss my one and only baby coming into this world . Thanks for any info . Full time driver on bid route
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    You need to talk to your HR rep and Sup ASAP like tomorrow morning and let them know what is going on. Getting time off won't be a problem unless you wait till the last minute.
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    im suprised you found a way to have a baby . you sound more like a troll. if you are a full time driver? you have to know what the rules are for that? if you dont then find out . not on this. there are ways. tell us what you found out. whats a brown truck? oh you mean a pkg car. I assume your not in the union? if you were you would have found all the info you need.
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    Congratulations on your blessing. It will change your life for the better. Ask your center manager for the fmla paperwork and get it in ASAP. They can take up to three weeks of your vacation and pay you. Whatever I take four weeks every time one of my seeds is born. My wife loves me for it & the family bonding is priceless. God bless you & your family I'll keep you in my prayers.
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    DUDE , what is up your butt ? TOTAL JERK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW , you come to a UPS site to visit coworkers around the world to talk about stuff , I feel like talking to you Rocketman is like talking to my boss at work , yes UPS boss , yes union for 23 yrs , driving a UPS package car for over 20 yrs .

    Anyway thanks to the nice people that have had kids and thanks for info . I did go to my manager today , no help , he said go to Hr , no help , they said call MY union , going to do that SOON ! Has anyone had to get off the UPS PACKAGE CAR to go to hospital ? How did that go ? I have asked my boss many times , he says " We will deal with that , IF it happens that day " WHAT ???????? we need a plan now . Thanks again for the positive comments !
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    23 years and you dont know who to ask?
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    A.) FMLA HAS to be pre-approved by management and they will probably direct you to an internet site to print off the forms you'll need to take to the doctor to submit for approval. B.) They can force you to take your vacation(s) in lieu of FMLA time off initially no matter when you previously had them scheduled. C.) If your wife is having a C section you can schedule that day off under FMLA and if not, you need to keep the management in the loop if an approximate day/week the doc says it MAY happen. If you get the call that your wife is heading to the hospital, in labor or water breaks you MUST call the management (preferrably the Ctr Mgr) and give then this choice....they can come immediately to get you off your route or you will be driving the truck back to the center NOW. Make sure you cover the situation with your center manager, steward and BA BEFORE it happens. The Union hall has a book on FMLA and the laws should be available on-line since it is a Federal Law. Cover yourself ahead of time.

    Nothing like getting an Art 17 letter in the mail for "abandoning your job" while you're off celebrating the new little person God gave your family to love.
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    Read Contract Article 16, Sections 4 and 6 about Paternity Leave and using FMLA.

    Also see UPSers dot com for forms and info.
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    Rocketman does make a good point somewhere in all of that drivel. I also find it hard to believe that a FT driver on a bid route would have no idea what his rights are under the contract in regard to FMLA.

    Do you realize that FMLA is unpaid leave?
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    Well if you never had any kids , never asked anyone about kids before , I think its a great question to ask. Yes I know FMLA is unpaid leave , I do know that much . Maybe I asked my question under wrong section of this site ? In my hub the boss are " THEM " and drivers are " US " . Two different groups , not sure who is who on here ? I know anyone that works at UPS is crazy ( ME TOO, ) so maybe thats it ? We have a very high stress job , so its easy to snap at someone . Anyway thanks for the help , going to be talking to my union hall today , and going to make my boss sit down with me today .
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    Jonfrum gave you the best advice---read your contract under Paternity Leave and FMLA.

    I have two children and both were born while I was on active duty so time off was not an issue.
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    Going to UPSers,com now . Going to make boss go in office today to talk , so he will listen to me ( not out in hub walking around ) . Going to call union hall today to get more info , and talk to my stewards at work . Also going to find my union book and read it for myself . Thanks again , we are very excited about new baby girl coming into our lives !!!!
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    Here's what you do. First , calm down. A pregnancy is pretty easy to prove so the hoops that some are making it sound like you need to jump through aren.t as bad.

    If the baby comes before you get the paperwork in you will still be able to take FMLA as it will be retroactive to your first day off.

    Yes, get it and have your wifes DR. fill it out as soon as possible. There are two things you want to do on the paper work. The first thing is to make sure you apply for INTERMITTENT FMLA. This will allow you to take time as needed for your wife Dr visits now, time off at the birth, time off for your wifes recovery, time off to attend both Dr appts for your wife AND child throughout the year. It can be taken in any number of ways. Weekly, daily, hourly, and even down to minutes if needed. Every time you take FMLA it comes out of your "bank" of 12 weeks in the amount that was used. Make sure you keep track accurately to make sure your mgmt team keeps track accurately. However, since we as FT are only guaranteed 8 hours contractually you may request an 8 hr day to attend a FMLA need and any FMLA time in that situation does NOT come out of your "bank" as you gave the company it's contracted hours.

    The second thing is yes UPS is allowed to substitute paid time as FMLA time up to the amount you have available. After that it is unpaid time for the remainder of your FMLA time. BUT you are allowed, your choice not UPS', to save one week of paid time separate from FMLA. That way you can save a week to use later, taken in the same seniority order that you originally picked it.

    You will fill out the FMLA request with your Dr's and the submit it to the appropriate persons in your area, usually HR. When you receive the approval letter you do NOT have to discuss the specifics of your FMLA needs with your mgmt team. Any insistence on specifics from them is a violation of the FMLA act as well as your HEPA privacy. You simply request, as soon as you are aware of the need, your FMLA time. Obviously try and extend the courtesy of letting your mgmt team know as soon as you do but if a sudden need arises you are allowed to take FMLA time no matter how sudden it happens. They HAVE to get someone to cover for you even if it's a member of mgmt.

    Any attempts to intimidate, coerce, harass, etc for the above or any other reason is a violation of federal law as well as most state laws as well. It also violates the contract. If you find these actions taking place you can: File a grievance with the union, File a complaint with HR on the local as well as corporate level, File a complaint with the D.O.L. and or the E.E.O.C., take action as an individual with an attorney against the company as well as the specific member of mgmt.

    Take this time. Don't even second guess it. Your child will never be as little as they are the day they are born. Enjoy the moment and bond with them.

    U.S. Department of Labor - Find It By Topic - Leave Benefits - FMLA

    Prohibited Practices

    P.M. me if you need any advice.
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    Congrats! 20 year driver. That puts you over 40. At least you will be retired for most of the childs formative years. My sister just had her 5th kid at age 46. Ouch!
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    A mans perspective:

    Are you insane?
    Go home right now, and say "Gee honey, tried to get that FMLA but they wouldn't let me". You want to be there as little as possible in the weeks after the blessed event. Her Mom will practically move in with you, maybe your Mom too. You will be the stupid man always in the way.
    What exactly do you want to be home for? Do you like changing diapers? Listening to crying? Getting up at all hours in the night? That's what women are for! They're good at it, and they love to do it.

    You should be saying to yourself "Thank GOD I have a job to go to!"

    <snicker, snicker!!>
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    Not said within earshot of his wife.
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    41 yrs old been at ups 23 yrs driving over 20 thanks for info , wow that was some good info . We are very excited about baby girl coming. 17 yrs of marriage with no kids yet I guess it was time for one
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    This is an event that you don't get "do-overs" on !! Keep that fore front in your mind.
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    Sure he will. Statistically the chance of a second child rises dramatically in the first few periods of lovemaking after a pregnancy.