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  1. helpernyc10

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    I have an old back injury with some remnant tingling and soreness, but nothing big. The actions of being a helper are aggravating my pains, so I was curious as to if anyone else is afflicted with some back injury or injury in general while doing their job, and maybe some one can describe some specific exercises that strengthen the back to prevent injury. Personally I have been stretching more and wearing a back brace.
  2. over9five

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    And they hired you anyhow? Did you disclose this to HR?
  3. helpernyc10

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    Like I said its nothing big, and I can manage well with any task. I am not crippled, just a bit sore at times. I am just curious as whether there are some regular exercises employees do to keep their back strong, and resistant to the strains of package handling and delivering.
  4. Integrity

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    I have checked this out for you.

    I recommend that you check the following link out:
    Be well!

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    Thanks integrity, I can't afford to be picky with jobs, and since UPS was the only opening that called back, I gotta keep with it, as safe as possible.
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    Integrity, what is your opnion on the questions Over posed to the OP? I am not implying anything and apologize if this is inappropriate but what if the OP failed to disclose this injury to HR when he was hired, gets hurt and UPS is on the hook for his medical bills?
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    One of the best ways to prevent and help heal most back pain is to stenghten your core muscles (back muscles and abdominal muscles). Note that I said most not all.
  8. Integrity

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    I think that the questions that over9five posed to the OP are excellent questions?

    I could only make a judgement on his or her disclosure after I was able to review the employment application and interview questions that were asked during the hiring process.

    I will make the following statement of principle:

    Every human being should answer every question that is asked of them while interviewing for a job truthfully and in good faith.

  9. UPSGUY72

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    UPS would ask for a copy of any medical ecords associated with the back injury received on the job. The OP not being the brightest bulb on the street would most likely tell the doctor he had a history of back problem thus that would be in his medical records that UPS would get.
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    Yeah that is interesting, I'm not even sure if I'm covered by ups health; I wouldn't think so as I'm temp. Anyone know for certain?

    And the questions online were few and terse, mostly about being able to do the job with minimal accommodation, and the in person interview was whether I can lift 70 pounds and why I should be hired. I answered everything truthfully.
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    I am surprised they hired you if they knew this information but other than stretching and being careful there isn't much relief from the day to day rigors of the job.
    Good Luck.
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    The drivers that have helpers are told to let management know of any aliments a helper might have. They have a helper injury from last peak that they are still paying for. They will let helpers go who have signs of wear and tear, sore knees, back, shoulder etc. A helper informed driver of a sore knee and was replaced the next day. The helpers safety is the flavor of the month around here.
  13. tieguy

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    Back to the original question. In my case I deal with a sore lower back every day when I go to the gym. A good stretching routine intermingled with jumping jacks seems to loosen me up.
  14. Integrity

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    I am very sorry that my answer appears to be evasive. It is not my intention. Please forgive me if I unintentionally have done this.

    I thought I was fairly clear in the statement of principle that I made.

    I cannot make a judgement on something if I don't know what happened. It is true that my above stated principle may have been violated.

    If you are interested you may want to ask the OP.

  15. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    will you be calling the corporate hot line to report this integrity violation?
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    Why should we just work to prevent injuries among blacks?? Doesn't injuries among whites mean anything to anybody?
    What? Huh?
    Oh, BACK injuries......nevermind !!! (R.I.P. Gilda )
  17. Integrity

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    As I stated; I do not know if the job applicant did any thing wrong.

    You will need to ask the OP more about the circumstances surrounding his or her interview.

    I have no proof of any violation here! Do you?

  18. Baba gounj

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    I never had back problems before UPS, nor bad knees, nor bad hips , nor shoulder pains , nor broken knuckles , but my mgr treats me just dear old dad did.:happy2:
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    Sorry to bump and old thread but Integrity based on your answers I wonder if you were ever a politician?:happy2: