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    I was injured in feb of 2005, I went through therapy and then doctor after doctor after doctor apt. then went to a work Hardening program for several weeks. I was given a 5% Impairment rating and a fifty pound lifting restriction. I got paid workers comp thru all of this, then i got fifteen weeks of some impairment pay. I have had several doctors (most ups doctors) say that a disc replacement surgery would do me some real good. It was turned down by Liberty Mutual that is handling the workers comp case. I have started another job and have been working there for about six months. I didnt resign like UPS wanted me to and am technically still employed by UPS but not getting any income from them. How can I get them to pay for my back surgery. there are not many workers comp lawyers in Texas. See what you get for Fifteen years of service. please advise.:confused:1
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    You will have no problem getting a lawyer to take this one.
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    I have started another job and have been working there for about six months.


    What kind of second job did you take? How much physical activity does the second job require?
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    you have to get a lawyer. thats a serious injury and UPS have to pay. go to your union office and ask them for a lawyer they will give you one...
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    They didn't give me one. Take my advice (I've been there) go hire your own comp attorney now.
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    Steer clear of the Union lawyers. A fellow driver got one for his divorce and paid for it dearly. You get what you pay for. Sad but true. Hire the best you can. Ask around to see who is the best. Good luck.