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    Hello Everyone,

    Like others here I would imagine in our field of work someone has delt with back pain :whiteflag: :happy-very:.

    I know we have pretty good insurance (stayed with aetna when offered blue cross). Anyway I was hoping somone would have advise as to who you go and see. I take alot of tylenol and ibprofine (cant spell).

    I went to a urgent care place in town a little while ago and that was crazy how they drill you a hundred questions about narcotic pain relievers, they even made me take a piss test-hello-not everyone does drugs. I wouldnt care what was inside of the little pills that they rx to ya, as long as it worked.

    Besides all above though, when you search for back doc's do they have a special name you have to search for? I heard good and bad about the chyro people...

    Anyway sorry for the long post here, just a guy looking for a little advice from people that might beable to help. THANKS
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    Start using a back brace, a few hours on, and then loosen or remover and let the blood flow and mussels loosen alittle depending on your job or route. My Chiro is great. Aetna pays great and my last three Chiro's took our insurance as payment in full, if you tell them you'll see them every week if they accept insurance as payment in full they will wave the co-pay....You can go every other week all year or 25 visits a year so depending on when you start you could go 25 times from now until 2010. If you have the room you might consider an inversion table. Cheap, like $100, great for like $350, hard on the feet or ankles at first but great for your back, goggle inversion tables and do they work, I use mine 15-30 mins a day.......ivephrofan helps along with heat and ice. The work Quack will do more damage than good, hopefully you don't have any disk damage, once you damage your spine it will never be the same again....stretch, stretch and then after lunch or break stretch again....
  3. BrOwN_PrIdE

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    I noticed I started to have back pain when I started using gloves. The gloves allowed me to grip the box and lift it up without having to position myself in good optimal position.

    If you use gloves with good grip, you might want to consider not using them or really emphasis good bending of the knees so that you are using less back muscles. Try to use your legs as much as possible.

    We tend to get lazy and bend at the back, but this is what causes the back pain.

    Also, try to eliminate bending over by putting boxes onto shelves or other boxes so that they stay at your waist level.
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    I go to Chiro every 4 weeks. Takes time to find one you are comfortable with(like any professional). Mine uses gentle manipulation.:happy-very:
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    You have to be careful with aetna. I ran into a problem seeing a chiropractor. Currently your insurance will cover 80:20 or 90:10 something like that, but there is a per visit max pay out of like 45$. I was going to the chiropractor getting manipulations and then a massage (all covered). But since it was on the same day aetna only paid 45$ and I had another 50$ to pay out of pocket. If I would have gotten manipulations 1 day and massage the second day, aetna will cover 2x45$. 1000$ max per year I think.

    Probably won't be a bid deal to you, but I'm on a budget.

    The only think you can really do for your back is exercise. (because doctors won't do anything to make you permanently better, and pills are temporary) Many things will make it feel better, but it will never get better. It will probably take a month of back exercises to get any benifit. Don't do exercises that hurt. Do lift more weight or reps than a physical therapist would have you do.
  6. 705red

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    I know guys that use the teeter hang up to relieve disc pressure.

    A chiro also works, but with our hours this is something that I am looking into myself.
  7. dannyboy

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    With respect to the poster above, I would not use a back brace. Too many studies have shown that they can actually increase problems long term.

    Couple of things. Use the dolly instead of "manning up" to carry heavy loads. Lift properly, use both back and knees in combination. I know, everyone says use your knees, but I find the majority of retired UPSers have serious knee problems more than back problems. So use your head when lifting.

    Also, if you can be lower than the package before lifting, it helps. Example, slide the package into the cab, exit and then pick it up, instead of picking it up off the floor.

    UPS will always be able to get another driver, but you will always have just one back.

    After that, find a good chiropractor. There are many that open at 7-7:30, and some even stay open till 7 during the week. There are a lot of different "styles" of treatment they offer. Find someone that is familiar with soft tissue manipulation as well as the spinal adjustments.

    Other drivers that go to one would be a good starting place for you to ask.

    And yes, there are limits on insurance payments to Chiro's. But in most cases, the relief of pain is worth the payment. And in many cases, they will except less for the treatment than insurance would pay. Talk to them to negotiate the deal.


    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I too am interested in getting a "Teeter Hanger". Any suggestions on where one can try one out before buying? I can tell you the gym I go to doesn't have one.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You have probably seen the commercial with guy in his 70's using the inversion machine. They offer a $14.95 30 day in home trial.
  10. dannyboy

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    A couple of things about the inversion hangers.

    First, get your eyes checked for issues, and get your blood pressure checked.

    Then dont exceed the hang time recommended.

    There have been a number of people that have had serious eye problems because of getting and staying inverted.

    Personally, they have helped my lower back. My brother is a chiropractor and he had one at the office, until the issues mentioned above made it too expensive liability wise to have it at the office.

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  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Use the gym's incline sit-up bench. Not for sit-ups, just for the stretch/inversion effect a minute or 2 at a time.
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    If you can suspend a bar in your garage and just hang from it using your hands, the weight of your body will stretch out your back. Hang as long as you can, take a break, and repeat. Works for me.
  15. BrOwN_PrIdE

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    You might want to try lifting weights to make your legs and back stronger. The stronger muscles will help relieve back pain.

    Don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't try to tough it out and do it yourself. It is so much easier to lift a box with two people than one because not only is there more muscle lifting the box, but two people are able to have better leverage on the box.

    It's all about the legs. You can't put the box on top of the legs directly, so you want the keep the box close to your belly button at all times. Any further than actual touching will make you use your back.
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    I just eat Alleve like they were M&Ms.
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    ".......hang from it using your hands...." may be hard on the shoulders.

    Use this same bar and some "hanging ab straps" will work wonders. I know some nurses at a local hospital that specializes in spine care and they say this is the best way to stretch the back and realign the vertabrae.

    Works for me.
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    Kneisiologist. I probably mis-spelled it. Look into what it is and what they do. It's not the back itself causing the pain. It's the muscles in the back. When they get all out of wack that's when u start having disc problems. I see a Kneisiologist now and feel better than I ever. Like 0 pain.

    Yea. I knew I mispelled it. (I went and got my appt. card) It's Applied Kinesiology. You should search for a Applied kinesiologist.
  19. upsgrunt

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    I used to do that, but it can't be good for you. I now save Aleve for the "worst" days.
  20. Ashell

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    Its good that this person is helping you, but I think someone with this education usually ends up a gym teacher in school.
    Note the part where is says applied kinesiology is alternative medicine.

    Really if you want to feel better you should just get a lawyer because your back is going to keep hurting till you stop working at UPS.