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  1. Mugarolla

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    There is no such language.

    But, there also is no language stating the Company has to pay back pay.

    Your raise will go into effect when the contract is implemented.
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    The contract that we voted on clearly lays out the pay rate as of Aug 1, 2018. Were we paid that rate since Aug 1? Answer is no. If we aren't paid the rate negotiated then that would be a contract violation would it not? Thats how I see it.

    Hey if they want to only pay the negotiated rate at a later date fine, put the new date in and we can all re-vote on the new contract!
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    Didn't trump give us a big tax break?
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    More than Obama did or Clinton would have.
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    UPS is using new math to figure out how much they owe you.

  6. Mugarolla

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    Yes it does, but we are not working under that contract.

    No. The contract does not state that once implemented, that the raises are retro-active.

    Look at 710's contract they are voting on. I'm not 100% sure, but their raise may not be retro-active.
  7. Chukie804

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    The extension agreement is what specifically guarantees that the economic improvements will be retroactive to august 1.

    We agreed to keep working while negotiations finished. UPS agreed to give us our money.
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    You are correct.

    Without that agreement, there would be no retro-check.

    Others have said the contract guarantees the retro-check.

    That is incorrect. It does not.
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    Where can I read the terms of this "extension"?
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    Hahahahaha. Good one. We were supposed to get a raise in August. Did we get the raise? No. Did we get the back pay? No, but we have to because we were supposed to get a raise in August. Get the picture?
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    If you are making 11. Dollars a hour and going up to 15 a hour you will NOT get a retro check for 4 dollars a hour. You might get it for up to 13 a hour so if you're at 11 dollars a hour and going to 15 a hour you will only be getting a check for 2 dollars a hour. Because the 15 a hour is technically a advance on future raises.
  12. Mugarolla

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    That language is not why we are getting a retro-check.
  13. Mugarolla

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    Very good.

    I was going to mention something about not seeing the agreement in my above post.....

    Although the Union has publicly said that UPS agreed to the if nothing else, a verbal agreement still carries the same weight.

    But, if push comes to shove, will there be a "fight."

    The only thing I have seen is this

    Q: When the contract is ratified, will the terms be retroactive?

    A: The extension provides that all economic improvements will be effective retroactively to August 1.

    Taken from UPS Rising

    Frequently Asked Questions about the National Master UPS Tentative Agreement - UPS Rising