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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by raiders98, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Me too brother, it's gonna be a nice check once it's settled. I'm going to Vegas and betting it all on black.
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    Contract states anyone in progression gets slotted into the new progression rates. So its $3.75 per hour dating back to August 1st and $5.62 per OT hour.

    Edit: That's for a driver in 3rd year of progression.
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    Go ahead post this fine print since you always act like you know stuff no one else does.
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    What's the current status on this? I heard we get backpay for how much money we were supposed to get if we DID have the raise somewhere around next new year? I voted way back in early August when I was a new hire. I've been here for a year and a few months. What's the news? Good or bad? (yes I have union)

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  6. Go to a union meeting

    Dear lord, this is like the 700th thread on the same question

    Short answer. No retro pay until all of the supplements are settled.
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    You'll get your $17.43 back pay when and if they are gotdamned ready to give it to you. Until then you get nothing.
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    We have like 5 threads on this. You will get it when everyone gets theirs. Thanks for playing.
  9. Minus back union dues and taxes.
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    Back pay is based on pieces per hour. So far you owe ups money.
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    So i'm not getting much, maybe a couple cents?
  12. Go check the vending machines in the break room. You might get a little bit more.
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    Drivers traded the back pay for beards. Sorry.
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    I'm in 705 not in national when they sent you the contract read it and if you don't understand ask big union guy like I do.
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    Although it doesn't matter after your supplements are figured out your going to get what you get. I'm just saying I wouldn't be counting your chickens until the check comes
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    Sorta like what the pilots were able to negotiate???? And we were all hoping for a buck an hour raise every year (not that far off from what we got) and that went down the tubes.... Our raise was 1.9% for the average driver .... seriously pathetic
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    I posted some pictures of my contract in the 710 no reto pay thread if you want to read. Because retro pay has to be negotiated
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    The lack of knowledge about Union Issues is comical.
    Congratulations to the Teamsters and the Ignorant Membership that doesn't vote on a contract that affects their job
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    Settle down Abe..... heyzeus....
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    Go down the road and amazon is paying double that and full benefits.... hell, you might be able to make more that 200 a week on sperm or plasma donation....