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  1. In 1991 i lost my license for having too many points.Soon after i reluctently drove my drunk designated driver home from the bar and was caught and convicted for driving on a suspended license(misdemeanor).Then about a year later i caught helping a friend try to take a blowup budweiser can from outside a bar(too much to drink that night).Also a misdemenor.Since then i've had,nor have had any reason to have any problem with the law.With one exception in 2003,someone locked up their brakes on an icy overpass and i slid into them.Will it be possible to start with UPS and eventually become a driver?Or will my misdemeanors show up on a background check and or become a problem?
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    Your misdeamnors will show up on your background checks. Based on your timeline of 1991/1992 I would think you have a good chance of getting on at UPS.

    As far as driving, as long as you have a valid license, should just be a matter of time, depending where you are in the country.
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    Pretty sure you're ok. There are much worse people working at UPS than you.
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    I have 5 speeding tickets, one at fault accident (not really but couldn't make court because of work Decemeber 23rd), and a oui in 14 years of driving and drive for UPS no problems. Clean record since 2004. If you can drive a standard and have a clean record the past 3 years or so, you're fine.
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    iYou should worry your finger prints are all over your key board . WITH YOUR record welcome to the island.:wink2:

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    What were you guys planning on doing with that blow-up Bud Thing?
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    I know 2 people driving who have had DUI's within past 5 years
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    I know people that should recieve DUI's on road now!:surprised::whiteflag:
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    I second that.
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    The most important thing is that you're honest about your past... Parcel doesn't like to find out it has thieves/dishonest people working in thier hubs.

    You're no saint... Only one man has ever walked this earth w/o sin, and his return is emminent.

    Welcome to the 'king of queens' look-a-like contest!!!