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    The example gives a member share of $160.

    Not in the real world.

    In the example given the physician charges that are paid at 80% by Teamcare are $250. The physician charges for my son’s birth in 2009 were $2900 with an Aetna rate of $1684.

    The example does not include physician charges for the newborn which also are paid by Teamcare at 80%. These Charges for my son were Aetna rate of $297

    Teamcare charges for my son’s birth would have been
    $1684 paid at 80% my share $337
    $297 paid at 80% my share $59
    Mother deductible $50
    Newborn deductible $50
    Total $496

    When the deductible rises to $200 per person the total goes to $796

    The UPS part time plan cost was $10.
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    It's a perfectly valid example. The "physician visit inpatient" charge isn't the delivery fee, but rather your doctor's show-up fee, and is supplemental to the delivery charge. Billing will vary from doctor-doctor, hospital-hospital, insurance-insurance, but typically your doctor directly bills you for his fee, while the delivery fee is integrated into the hospital's charges; it's possible if the doctor has a contract/directly works for the hospital, you may not see this fee. But overall, TEAMCARE overestimates the national average in vaginal delivery while underestimating C-section. Of course, these charges vary locally; what's charged in a rural part of a state will often be less than half what's charged in a heavily populated urban part of the state. And it really isn't fair to include the deductible in cost comparison since the deductible applies toward all annual health care, and realistically, if you're expecting a child, it will have been met by delivery.

    I just texted a friend who has what will be TEAMCARE, and he informed me that when he had his child in December, he paid "about a couple hundred bucks' out-of-pocket for the delivery - and that included circumcision, which likely isn't included in the above, so the example is very valid. Meanwhile, I've known several PTers who've had children and paid about $100. It's all about how it's billed.
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    So it costs you money if you decide to have a kid. When I had my kids it wasn't based on the premise that it would be free.
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    And if somebody's worried over an extra $100, they shouldn't be having children, anyway :).

    Like I've said before, UPS never put "maintain current PT health care" on the table -- and doubtfully every would, since the current incarnation was primarily an attempt to sway us to the PPO. The escalators in the "new" health insurance plan will help keep costs down, which benefit those of us who -- for example, don't go to the E.R. when we have a cold -- and will help keep "free" benefits indefinitely. PTers upset with the proposed contract should direct their anger toward catch-up raises, not a few bucks toward insurance; catch up raises benefit us all, benefits privilege only some.
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    Buy a condom.....That will save you $99.50
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    The way I see it, I'd rather have a "catch up" raise than maintain the insurance status quo. I'm getting old (recently turned 30-spent nearly half my life with UPS, wow), but am holding off having children until after I graduate from college & get on with my life. I'd rather have a "catch up" raise now than subsidize somebody else's kid. My tax dollars take care of thousands as it is now.
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    I have a abortion clinic on my route. They give me condoms for free. All my buddy's don't have to buy any.
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    Give me 2....that should hold me till Xmas!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
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    Your friend's deductible for his son alone would have been "about a couple hundred bucks"
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    • Yes it's a bad example. Should also say covered 100% up to.....

    this just happened to my wife on the dental plan. Got two fillings. Said 100% covered. Didn't bother to say oh that's 100% up to $200 bucks. We owe almost $300 for two fillings. Honestly prob could of came close to that price offering to pay cash.
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    Its better than the West Virginia plan. . They just pull all of your teeth. No
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    Ive had two kids( actually my wife carried them) under central states and paid NOTHING.
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    ​How many contracts ago was that?
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    My wife recently had a low back fusion. Total charges were $187,000 and my copay was $784. Life did not end. Still grilled some ribeyes this last weekend and had some cash left over for a 12 pack of Leinenkugels. All thanks to a union run health plan.
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    As I mentioned in my posting, the deductible applies to ALL health care & by the time the baby's delivered, it's typically paid for anyway. Adding the deductible toward the example is incredibly unfair since most of us go to the doctor's during the year for other reasons. I guess you could factor the proportion of the deductible in, but obviously that will differ from person to person.
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    A fellow driver just returned from major shoulder reconstruction. All Dr visits, several MRI's, Surgery, PT and many follow up Dr appointments and hit total cost he had to pay........10 bucks. That was it. A one time fee of 10 bucks. Your wifes back problem cost you more then 78 times the amount I would of had to pay. You add in other medical services in the course of the year and my raise will go right into my medical.
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    When you move to a Teamster plan, they will ask you why that shoulder surgery wasn't workmans comp?