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    I know there are logs somewhere that shows times that employees entered the building. How long do these go back? I'm having payroll issues and would like to be able to show someone when I actually left. We're talking a few hours that I'm short and I have no other way to "prove" that I was still working.
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    You dont have any mechanical clocks in your building?

    The problem with going in and out as proof is that UPS will say you were in the bathroom, at the drink machine etc.

    In our center, everyone is on an electronic time card, but they had to leave a time clock to where you can keep track of your time.

    That being said, there are a couple of things you can do. Without creating a wave that will bring attention to yourself, keep a log, and have someone initial it every day. After a week or two, compare it with your pay.

    Then go to your steward and sup with the proof you have been losing time.

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    No applicant for employment and no employee will be required to take any
    form of a lie detector test as a condition of employment.
    Upon request, an employee or the Union may inspect the record of an
    employee�s time recorded on the DIAD or other device for previous days�
    work. An employee will be permitted to examine the operation record for the current pay period for the purpose of ascertaining his/her hours worked.
    The Employer agrees to provide forms for the employee to record his/her
    starting and ending times.
    When requested by the Union, time clocks will be left in place for employees to record their work hours for their own personal use.

    You have the right to fill out and keep a paper time card. I would excercise that right.
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    DId you punch in and out? Supervisors must show you the OR for the days in question. They have them, might take some bullying with a union rep to get them to abide.
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    I did punch in and out every day at the time clock except for 1. It was down and we had to write our times on a sheet.

    I talked to our BA last night about it and I was told that the logs are available but that there was no way for me to access my times for payroll purposes. I then asked about how I could avoid this mess in the future. I was told to write down my times and if there is an issue then take it to management. Apparently there is some sort of unwritten agreement between the union and management here where they agree to "trust" the employee with issues such as this. If you're short, you tell them how much. Just don't get caught embellishing your times. In return...well I'm not really sure what they get in return.

    I'll eat this one and will forever write down my times. I'm not trying to screw anyone and if they want to verify them then that's fine by me. I'm just not sure how this even happens if one uses a time clock every day.
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    go by an office depot. Buy yourself some time cards, they are very cheap.

    Then as you punch off on their time card, punch yours as well. That way there is no question as to what is what and when.

    Trust but verify

  7. UnsurePost

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    Last month, our union rep was going around getting a list of employees shorted hours and how many minutes/hours. He said he could throw a ball and hit someone and they were shorted. I looked at his notes and there were at least 20 names and times, maybe closer to 30.
    I caught my supervisor shorting time, he admitted to it, and I kept the problem in the office. It was not a large amount, mostly minutes here and there.

    I suggest if they are stealing hours that you document it and get as much information as you can (in the future, anyway). Always ask to see the OR and if they refuse know that you do have the right to look at the information they have input going into payroll. I can not imagine they will not let you see the payroll information for punch-in/punch out. That does not sound right.,,

    Also know that the times you punch in-out DO NOT reflect what your supervisors are manually transmitting. At least in some areas, the time is simply input into their pts? ptfs? whatever the acronym is and then the supervisor transfers it. That is where the information is altered.
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    that's a great idea , all the extra time needed to do this is just another punch. If you rely on writing it down yourself, you might say to yourself , oh I'll just do it later after I hit the bathroom , you may forget. I used to use this same method for a boss I worked for two decades ago
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    IT is a great idea if there is a paper punch around.
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    tsk tsk... in return for paying us the hours we worked, we don't go and report the supervisor/coordinator/shift manager to LP or better yet file a lawsuit against UPS, since its against the law to not pay you for what you worked. The burden of proof is on UPS to proove you were not working at the time, if you say you worked till such and such, they must pay it... as another poster said, don't embellish, dont get greedy, cuz if it happens often they will have LP watch you and you do not want to be put in a situation where your integrity is being questioned....... don't get me wrong, most supervisors I have dealt with have had intergrity when it comes to paying me., especially since they changed the software here and made supervisors accountable for time changes and validations.
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    As sober posted, by contract if there was a paper time clock around, they have to leave it and keep it in working order if the union (read members) want it there.

    You dont even have to use a time card. Use a small calendar book. Slip the page for that week into the slot and hit it. Any kind of paper will do, most of the clocks have the date imprint as well.

    Now, all that formality being posted, stealing time is a serious issue. If you were stealing time, you would be fired. You might get your job back, but doubtful.

    You can say what you want, in this age of technology and precision, and you cant get a guys time card right? I'm sorry, dont buy it.

    Do the right thing. Quit using excuses. This is not the 70's or 80's people. My God, we have the technology to know exactly within feet where our drivers and packages are, and we cant get the payroll right? Give me a break.

    When is the union going to put a stop to the cheating and the dishonesty. And what about UPS that says they maintain an honest workplace filled with integrity. Show me how this works, when the guys put in their time, do the work, and you still manage to screw up the pay?

    I dont buy it.

    d Come on UPS, first you dont want to pay part timers crap, and what little you do agree to pay, you try and cheat them out of it? Please
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    There should be a time stamp clock in every office. We have to time stamp everything, requests for 8 hr days, all grievances, requests for days off, etc. Ours is on the wall next to the pt clock.