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    Hi all, I recently started loading a local truck at our center on twilight shift. I have been getting bags with local labels on them but the parcels inside are not local. I didn't know this was happening until a ft sup told me about the bags and 20 some misloads I have. Our sorter says he usually flips them and puts them in the rerun slide. I have never read anything other than the labels on the bags until now. I am guessing these bags are from drivers filling the bags with their smalls and no one checks them in the sort. I don't see how they come back as misloads though if they just stay in the building and are discovered by preload. What should I do if I am written up or get a warning letter? Thanks in advance.
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    The bags are usally destine for a USPS store or mailing HUB/center. I dont see what your doing wrong, as your loading them in the right car and right spot. Dont take anything out of them. Make sure they are closed. Make sure they are right slaps / ink or print out labels.

    They should be placed in the back, those usps packages. The majority should be docked stops anyways...

    Wonder if I'm hitting the right spots here....
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    I think they are talking about smalls bags loaded on a semi twilight not preload.
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    It sounds as though the drivers in that center are not making sure to remove the inbound sort label when they load their smalls bags. If the label is not removed the night sort will treat those packages as inbound rather than outbound.
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    at my hub in the outbound we are instructed to check 3-5 packages in each bag.
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    I believe you are correct.
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    It also could be pick ups from the day before that the driver never worked on to get into the system. Double labels, old labels anything really. The driver could've gotten a bit upset that the same package ended up in his / her car and scanned it again, the old label and marked as a missload. Could've been a missed package, yet soups told him / her to scan it as a missload. Or this kind've of driver is your upstanding example of a poor quality driver, lazy and content on going slow as possible and causing problems for the company or his / her loader.

    Could be all of the above. And then some...