Bailing Out The Too Big To Fail

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    Once again we learn the depth of just how far the shifting of risk has been moved over onto the taxpayer but of course this is never considered as wealth re-distribution at some level. Once again, the might of American capital is saying, "socialism for us, crumbs for the rest!" And you wonder why that kooky old uncle wanted to fully audit the Federal Reserve!

    Bernie Sanders Releases Explosive List of $4 Trillion in Bankster Bailouts

    As taxpayers, the question does beg, what is our actual exposure in all of this?

    If one or more of these banks are unable or incapable of paying the debt, what does that mean for the actual taxpayer?

    Why do both democrats and republicans oppose a complete audit?

    If the Federal Reserve is an actual gov't agency as so many assert, why is a complete audit not a scheduled, regular routine?

    If the Federal Reserve's only task is to provide a monetary supply as medium of exchange, why the needed secrecy?

    Providing that function seems very simple based on public, known economic variables of the business cycle so again, why the secrecy?

    Why do those who oppose privatization turn a complete blind eye when it comes to the Federal Reserve?
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    Banks auto makers none of them should of been bailed out. What's the incentive to cut your risk if u know in the end you will be saved.
  3. Nothing to see there, the "global market" might dive if it comes out what is going in there... :) Print, print, bail out, bail out gotta have that M3 money suppy high:
    Getting High On Money Supply - YouTube