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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by gripitnripit, Nov 4, 2007.

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    I'm curious if there is an independent commitee overseeing the ballet counting? I really believe that if hall, Hoffa and UPS want this contract to pass there will be nothing we can do to stop it. Cmon sending two paper ballets by mail to the union to be handled by whom, counted by whom and then stored for a recount if needed. by what I'm reading here the general consensus is it won't pass but if it does how do we know that it really did. after the 2000 presidential election I think anything is possible.
    Any thoughts or have I been reading and watching too many conspiracy Theories? Conspiracies like the colts vs pats. Have you ever seen worst officiating than these refs? can you say homecooking
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    An independent auditing firm counts the votes.
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    YA RIGHT!!!!!!!!:lol:
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    Been awhile since I've seen any ballets. The Smuin Christmas ballet, a few years ago. Could count that.
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    that's what I was gonna say...ballets or BALLOTS...we have one vote , they have tutu's
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    and colts lost:sad: manning choked.........