Ballots for 728 went out Firday

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 728ups, Nov 24, 2013.

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    be sure to vote!!
  2. scratch

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    I still have no idea who is running against Members First, I never saw anybody campaigning at my Hub. I was off last week, maybe they made some weak, last minute attempt I don't know about. No flyers in the mail either.
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    Local elections are harder to win for challengers compared to Teamster convention delegate elections. The Consent Decree enabled the government to force Teamster employers to let challengers campaign in their parking lots during the run up to delegate elections. But that doesn't apply during Local Union elections, so employers can then tell campaigners to get off of their property.

    Also, during delegate election periods, Local Unions have to give challengers a list of the name and address of all employers where Local members work. But during Local officer elections, the challengers may not know where all of the Local's shops are, and the Local does not have top give them that same, updated list.

    Also, during delegate election periods, if challengers say they want it, Local Unions have to give a mailing house a list of all Local members' mailing addresses, or just those from certain shops, or just all shop stewards. This is so that challengers can mail out campaign flyers, at their own expense. That doesn't apply during Local officer elections.

    So the system (IBT constitution and Local Union by-laws) is rigged against challengers, which is not good for the members. That's because incumbents know that it is almost impossible for challengers to beat them. So the officers don't work as hard as they should. Because they can get away with that. Almost always.
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    Vote for members first
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    I'm sure the members of 728 don't need an outsider telling them who to vote for.
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    BS.... that is beyond BS.

    Where do people like you.... come up with this crap ??

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    In past elections, we always had three or four slates and they all would mail out flyers and the candidates would be outside our guard gate shaking hands with the drivers and preloaders passing through the gate in the morning. I'm in one of the four Hubs around Atlanta, all the National candidates come through for the IBT elections too.
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    It makes a difference if you have clout like 407 does on BC. That's why people post here. Compare the rep numbers and you may get it.
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    Is Firday similar to Pineday or Oakday?
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    I agree BUG.
    There isn't a shred of truth in the above post by TimeForChange.
    I don't normally give negative rep, but see no way around it for that post.
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    I got my ballot today, one of the shop stewards in my building is on one of the other slates. He hasn't said a single word to me about running for office. Its the slate that doesn't have candidates for President and Vice-President. I'm voting Members First again.
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    I had to call BS.... Because, I can't say it's a lie.

    He might actually believe it.

    I always try to refrain, from commenting on other Locals politics....

    But, I am guessing.... "TimeForChange" may be on one of the "other" slates in his Local. :wink2:

    I have seen people get nominated to run for Local office.... just so there is a Election. (Knowing they can't win)

    For what it costs a Local to run a election.... that is a complete waste, of everyones dues money.

    People that do that, usually harbor a grudge.... over a grievance or displeasure in their "personal" working situation.

    They could care less.... about anyone, but themselves. And, the rest of us "bare the brunt" of their narcissism.

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    In this particular slate the nominee's for President and Vice President were deemed ineligible to run for office by General President Hoffa AFTER being nominated . They either didn't read the constitution or thought they could squeak by. either way lots of time,effort and money was wasted

    Another competing slate has for its candidate a 20 year Part time employee that has never wanted to go full time. He dropped out of the union for 6 years after losing a grievance. The candidate for VP refused to join the union for 26 years,and has barely been in the union long enough to run for office.

    I voted to continue the great leadership we enjoy,Members First!
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    You'll understand when you get little older.
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    Congrats for Members First Slate and Randy Brown winning the election by a wide margin, the results were in today.