Baltimore fatality

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    Wow !
    Basically, a celebrity as well.
    On behalf of being a former UPSer. I'm deeply sorry, may god be with him and family.
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    The article says that the intersection is controlled by a traffic signal, but it doesn't look that way in google earth, kinda blurry though so I can't say for sure. It's a fairly country area and the UPS truck was on the main road and would have had the right of way assuming there was no signal. If there was a signal he would have had to run a red light to be ruled at fault, in which case he's toast. A real shame either way.
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    I'm not putting any blame at all here. Facts aren't even out. And, yes, a major tradedy.
    However, the 10 point commentary saved me twice from people running redlights though.
    But, accidents happen.
    And in this case, I don't even really care who is at fault.
    Again, it's an Aciddent. And a very tragic one.
    Money or lawsuits can't ever return things back to normal.
    And, the UPS driver must be in shock himself , too. Going thru all kinds of grief and guilt.
    Tragic, in every way.
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    Try this view from
    It can be rotated in the "birds eye" view. If thats the correct interesection then it appears that there`s no light and that the tree could obstruct the view. Terrible loss either way.
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    some of the maps used with google earth are a few years old. I'm sure there's one there now. Probably installed for the amount of accidents at that intersection. The S&V's have already began in the whole area.
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    ITS Tragic no matter whos fault. I hope he wasnt on cell phone.
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    Ofcourse, not any driver of UPS would agree with this (besides the vehicle part), but I'm reading the comments on the Baltimore Sun website.

    Here is one of them :

    I grew up on Corbett Road much too close to where this accident occurred and have witnessed firsthand the damage that a UPS truck can do. It's hard to believe that it was 20 plus years ago, but while my mother was driving us to school one morning, we were stopped at the York Road/Shawan Road light and a UPS truck going way too fast, plowed into the back of the family station wagon. The car may have been destroyed, but atleast we were lucky and only suffered whip lash. Blinking yellow lights just before the stop light heading southbound on York at this intersection were installed shortly after.

    Something needs to be done about UPS. While I have nothing against their delivery service, their training program for drivers and the vehicles that they use, need to be thoroughly investigated. We can't let something like this happen again!

    Here's another 1:

    Need to build on Barney's comment. The Sun needs to investigate this as responsible journalists.

    As a long time resident of Sparks, we have seen multiple incidents of UPS drivers being reckless and have reported them to UPS on at least one occasion.

    Don't let this tragedy go to waste.

    And finally a 3rd:

    Having been the victim of a "step van" accident anda resident of Northern Balto. County, my prayers go out to the Wheatley family. I have no doubt that most of the UPS drivers are responsible, but if the Baltimore County Police would EVER set up radar on Papermill Road in the morning or evening when the UPS trucks are flying along, maybe those trucks would lighten up on the pedal a little bit.

    The "step van" attitude is "Look out, I'm a big guy in a hurry, don't get in may way". There's no incentive for them to take the foot off the pedal when they approach an intersection like most of us would whether we had the right of way or not . . . no incentive except consideration and caution that is.
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    Google earth maps are anywheres from 1 day to 20 years old. Our house, which we built 7 years ago now, still doesn't appear on a google map, and my neighbors place, thats been there for 13 years, is shown as :censored2: in the ground awaiting the concrete foundation. And yet U.P.S.(ecs) elies on these for address corrections *LOL*
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    You're going to be sorry....:dissapointed:
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    There is another update to this story.

    Crash site stoplight tests OK
    Police indicate one of the drivers ran a red light, resulting in collision that killed a Sun editor
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    It's sad, yes, but those comments were totally uncalled for Klein, wherever you found them. People don't realize basic physics, an object moving looks fast when it's that big. Not to mention, coupled with the sound our PC's make, and our exhaust. I've had several complaints with people driving down their gravel road "too fast." People will see my PC rolling down the road at 15 mph and run, literally in the middle of the road yelling at me and trying to jump in my PC telling me that I'm going too fast. I have calmly told them that I have dual exhaust on either side of the truck blowing air out the a**. And if they don't move out of my way I will call police for harassment. Also, if they have any problems they can ask a police officer to watch me down that road, because I don't speed. Now every time I pass his house I drop it to the lowest gear I can achieve 15 in, rev the engine up and blow all the gravel dust I can into his freshly manicured yard. :biting::happy-very:
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    Hey, hey, now, all you had to do is click on the link on the above link from the first thread !
    Don't blame me, I just followed the link, and read the story, and they have comments underneath the story posted.

    I know what you mean.
    A larger vehicle always seems to be going faster then a smaller one.
    We have all been there.

    But, I did not search the net for those comments.... it's right above your head. (first posting link).
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    Ahh, i see now
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    One ticket to hell . . window seat please. . .

    It's bad but I have to share it. I just re-read the article again and noticed that there was an ad for USPS at the top of the page. Irony knows no bounds.
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    But, on another note. I do wonder what happens to this driver, even if it's not his fault. Surely, it would be very odd for him to continue on his old route.
    Don't think it would be good for him or UPS. Or what do you think ?
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    We'll have to wait for the UPS investigation. Driver will be out of service pending that. Regardless of what fault finding there is by law enforcement. Prayers to all involved. Very sad.
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    Why is it,that when there is an accident as bad as this ,the general public likes to point the finger at the "Professional driver" ... Why not give him the benefit of doubt. In all my yrs of driving p/car & feeder .I can't even estimate the lives I'v saved by being overcautious when watching the average driver doing something stupid. I'm sure we have all saved lives out there being as focused as we all are.
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    The driver out of the CACH involved in the pedestrian fatal last year (not his fault) is,by his choice,finishing out his career shifting in the yard. His truck and trailer are still parked in the back of the facility.