Barack Hussien Obama vs. the truth

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    Here is a blog complete with sources and rebuttals of Barack Obama's statements and his inability to honest with voters. Its an excellent read and I highly recommend it.
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    Great posting, problem is those who need to know dont want to know. They just want the first black president, which is sad as he isnt truly black, and takes that title from a legitimate (black) American somewhere down the road.
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    This is interesting. And should require some further analysis to ensure its accurate for instance:

    CHARGE 28 - “I have the solutions to repair our economy.”
    EVIDENCE - Senator Obama voted against his own economic proposal package.
    COUNTER CLAIM - Washington is in a stalemate. Senator Obama has fresh ideas.
    REBUTTAL – Senator Obama’s 111 economic proposals were just combined into an amendment to a bill, and the amendment was defeated 97-0. Senator Obama rejected his own proposals; apparently, they were not the solutions or ‘fresh ideas’ he was speaking about.

    Is this right did he actually vote against his own economic proposals?
  4. tieguy

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    another one the claim his funding is coming from the internet is contradicted by this point:

    CHARGE 32 - “I don’t have ‘bundlers’ and I don’t take PAC money.”
    EVIDENCE - Senator Obama has 79 bundlers and has collected over $13,000,000 in lobbyist PAC money.
    COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama has been careful not to compromise himself, “rejecting campaign support from Political Action Committees and lobbyists.”
    REBUTTAL – Here is a starter list of Senator Obama’s registered lobbyists:
    Timothy Broas $100,000, Frank Clark $200,000, Howard Gutman $200,000, Scott Harris (DC) $200,000, Allan Katz $200,000, William Lake (DC) $50,000, Robert S. Litt $not given, Kenneth Lore (DC) $50,000, Thomas Perrelli $200,000, Thomas Reed $200,000, Paul Roth $50,000, Alan Solomont $100,000, Robert M. Sussman (DC) $50,000, Tom Wheeler (DC) $100,000. $1,700,000 dollars from these registered lobbyists, or four times more than Obama’s officially declared lobbyist sum. To date there are at least 38 such individual lobbyists donating to Senator Obama’s campaign. PS – Having the wives of these individuals write the checks does not alter where the money came from

    and this one:

    CHARGE 33 - “I don’t take money from lobbyists.”
    EVIDENCE - At least 38 Individuals on Senator Obama’s campaign are or work for lobbyists.
    COUNTER CLAIM – Most of the individuals you site are lawyers, not lobbyists.
    REBUTTAL – Most of the lawyers that make up this list work for firms that lobby the Government. 31 of them manage registered lobbyists. You may parse the definitions – these lawyers and/or their firms lobby the government and donate to Senator Obama’s campaign. Either way, he takes money from lobbyists
  5. tieguy

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    Obama the innovator. Remember obama promises to change DC. Your natural inclination therefore to judge whether he is the person to change DC would be to assess his past record:

    CHARGE 49 - “I have sponsored and passed plenty of Bills in the U.S. Senate. I have experience.”
    EVIDENCE - You have passed 2 BILLs in the U.S. Senate – one for Africa and one that makes lobbyists stand while they eat. SOURCE 1, SOURCE 2, SOURCE 3
    COUNTER CLAIM - Senator Obama has sponsored 123 Bills in the US Senate.
    REBUTTAL – Senator Obama has one of the worst records for getting bills passed that he has sponsored in the US Senate. That sounds like experience most of us wouldn’t want. The Senator has sponsored and passed 2 Bills in the US Senate - one for the Congo (shock and awe?) and one that makes lobbyists stand when they eat. Impressive work for 4 years on the job.
  6. Jones

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    Quite a few of the "lies" on this list have been fairly well rebutted: click
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    Yeah never mind the fact that he is half white. Why not? He all but denies the fact himself. Also....people are being reeled in by his "Change" slogan. Why are people doing this? Could it be because they are in denial about their own short comings being their own fault and need a pipe dream to repair their lives? As if Obama is going to go to their mortgage lender and pay off the house that they never should have bought in the first place. Or give them a better job. Or wave a magic wand and make all of their problems go away. And I say magic because that is what it would have to take because I sure haven't heard anything realistic from Obama. Only empty rhetoric. His followers need to wake up to reality.
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    Rebutted yes. Well rebutted not so sure. the page does not seem to allow me the ability to copy and paste for some reason so I will have to paraphrase parts.

    On his name being swahilli in origin. His name actually has arabic origins.

    defense of his claim is that many swahilli names had arabic origins. Just as many american names have other origins.

    all true but when one speaks of the origin of their name here in america they do not claim its american they should look up the actual origin and present that.Certainly a harvard trained lawyer should be able to make that distinction? Yes? Obama here at the very least is trying to shy away from his arabic origin and claim an intermediate one to downplay his arabic connections.

    Snopes did not do a thorough job of addressing this issue. they should have agreed that Obama was trying to shy away from the arabic origin of his name by claiming an intermediate one.
  9. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    On his attending an islamic school as a youngster. The rebuttal is that he attended both the muslim and christian school. snopes offers no proof to rebut the original claim that obama was in fact enrolled in the moslem school. Obama explains that his mother the atheist wanted to expose him to all religions. The more this is explained the more I wonder if one of our presidential candidates is not in fact an atheist which would certainly be significant.

    But in any case the obama camp is clearly trying to play down the fact that obama attended a moslem school for a number of years. Obama is clearly trying to shy away from anything tying him to the moslem religion or his middle east origins. Snopes again comes up short in making this point in their so called rebuttal.

    I'm somewhat dissapointed with the snopes explanations so far I expected more from that site.
  10. tieguy

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    The more I read through your snopes link the more I'm dissapointed.

    The speech Obama made in Selma was filled with mistruths. Some of these Snopes labels anachronisms which implys historical reference mistakes rather then mistruths and some they blatantly try to defend by saying " what obama was really trying to say here is".

    Someone at Snopes must really be an Obama fan because they are risking their credibility to defend Obama and his half truths.
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    First off, I commend Jonesy...he really does his homework:cheers:
    (This Bud's for you)

    And to all who really believe the author(s) at savagepolitics must be
    Obama fans to desperatly waste hours and hours of their lives to put together a host of fabricated spin and intentional mis-representations of such a horrible lying unpatriotic Harvard Educated Senator?:rofl:(and shamefully his wife also.)

    There's plenty of "factual" material to come up with a compilation of faults, flip flops, lies, anger mngmt issues and actual non-conservative moral behavior displayed in the past by yours truly, your beloved Az Sen John McCain. The problem is this type of politicking brings outsiders to stoop below the belt to the level where the GOP/RNC is most comfortable with for the lack of answers for real issues to repair America for the last 8 yrs of failed republican control.
    I'm sure Carl Rov is sitting somewhere in his mansion high on a hill applauding his legacy of gutter politics.....:peaceful:
    As famed boxing ref Mills Lane puts it...."no hitting below the belt" and "protect yourself at all times"....."Let's get ot on!"

  12. brett636

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    Believe what you will, but every point made in the blog has multiple sources to support it.
  13. Jones

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    Mostly from fellow conservative blogs like Free Republic and Little Green Footballs, that's not support unless you consider an echo chamber to be support. Some of it just doesn't make sense, for instance here is the first "source" they give for CHARGE 8 - “I never practiced Islam.”:

    Makes you wonder, eh?
    But like you said, believe what you will....:wink2:

    BTW Tie, Snopes wasn't rebutting the fact that he attended a School where Islam was part of the curriculum, they were rebutting this:
    I Never Practiced Islam - LIAR, you practiced it daily at school, where you were registered as a muslim and kept that faith for 31 years, until your wife made you change, so you could run for office.
  14. Jones

    Jones fILE A GRIEVE! Staff Member is another decent, non-partisan site, though they tend to stay away from the type of garbage that you find on a site like Savage's (that's more Snope's territory) and focus on claims that the candidates are making during the campaign. They've got a pretty good primer on chain emails though, read and heed: click
  15. tieguy

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    Jonesy I don't think the proof is there to support his practicing the faith for 31 years but the proof is there that he was enrolled in that school and as a student he would have been expected to practice the Islamic faith.
    Again the more I read on the subject including excerpts of Obamas book the more I wonder if Obama really believes in or practices any religion.
    I think he is actually a closet atheist.
  16. Jones

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    Heh, that really would be the kiss of death for his campaign, wouldn't it? In America, the only thing worse than having the wrong imaginary friend is not having an imaginary friend at all. That's just crazy :happy-very:
  17. toonertoo

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    I would not be suprised if he was an atheist, nor would I care if he had anything else going for him. But he doesnt. A christian would not throw his white Grandmother, his preacher(s), his friends under the bus. He would not lie. He would have strong convictions, not change his stances with the polls. Truth stands tall. He started out as Hercules, hes about reduced to Mickey Mouse. (but dont make fun of the ears):surprised:
    What was the one sermon he gave somewhere about nursing babies being ripped from a mothers breast, but yet to yank one out of the womb, and kill it is OK?????
    I dont know where the oooh, and awww comes from. Actually it amazes me that I am surrounded by sheep being led to a slaughter.
    But people are nuts, and those who dont try to achieve think they should achieve without trying. What better way than to get someone in control who will fix it for them.
    I went to the door of a house today where I didnt get an answer yesterday at 2 oclock. They told me "I was sleeping" I was delivering an xbox return. I said kiddingly but not, "you should get up earlier" He said "I was partying all night" I said " yea I partied a little too, but I got up and had to go to work". He said, " work hell no I aint working, I got things to do, I dont need to work, I get a check and food and rent help, I dont need no damn job" Those are the types who will vote for Obama, probaly never voted before, but they will vote now. Big ole Obama sign in the yard. The rest of you, I just dont know what is wrong with you, just nuts I guess.
  18. Overpaid Union Thug

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    My thoughts exactly. People like typically, but not always, support democratic/liberal candidates. And why wouldn't they? As if that type of person knows the difference between a democrat and a republican other than the theory that democrats are supposedly "looking out for the poor guy." LOL! All they know is that republicans are a bunch of rich racists that steal from the poor. LOL! That is who will vote for Obama. The others that will vote for him......what the hell is wrong with you? LOL!
  19. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    I'd almost vote for Obama just to annoy you.
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    Keep in mind that liberals will not tolerate intolerance....