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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by moreluck, May 27, 2011.

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    Great source moreluck, the queen of the "anchor babies" writes another hit piece!! Funny how you would support Michele Malkin, but ask that mexicans here illegally get kicked out and take their "children born here" with them.

    Michele Malkin, herself an "anchor baby" to phillipino parents here on expired student visas somehow sides with the republican causes despite the fact that she is the very type of person the republicans dont want for citizens!

    I just dont get you .

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    You said, "the Mexicans here illegally...." Do you know what illegally means? As soon as you say the word, "illegal" it means law has been broken!!

    Don't worry, you'll get there eventually.
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    So, TOS here ya go attacking the messenger instead of the message, atta girl!
    Now, do you have anything to say about the article posted or do you just want to change the subject?

    Where is the source that her parents visas had expired when she was born? I can't find any proof of that. If their vistas had not expired Michelle is indeed an American citizen under the constitution and not an "anchor baby".
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    So they were living here presumably when she was conceived, and their visa's expired (for arguments sake, lets say) 3 days before she was born. Now, in that situation there is ZERO comparison to the case of MILLIONS of landscapers...rather Mexicans who sneak across the boarder in waves and their water breaks the instant they get onto our side of the border and then WE have to pick up their tab?? See, Its a little bit of a different story now, isn't it.

    Not that I would expect you to understand it TOS
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    Being an openly gay person gives him a free pass on all of this.
    Just like the Hot Bottoms incident.
    And that screaming incident he had last summer when he was refused the $1 discount on the ferry to Fire Island.
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    Anyone who disagrees with Frank is a gaybasher much like anyone who disagrees with Obama is a racist.
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    Why in the world do people keep re-electing this irresponsible fool ??
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    Why do people elect Pelosi? Why is crybaby Boehner Speaker of the House?

    I don't get it either.
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    If anyone here thinks Barney Frank is a great leader, please let all of us on this forum know why.... just curious.
    Not looking for "Oh yeah, but what about _______?" Just wondering the thought process of those who support Frank and his leadership.
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    Because, don't you remember....people were so Gung Ho for their CHANGE!!!!

    And of course, the best way to implement CHANGE!!! is to keep electing the same morons who got them into the giant mess that they are currently in.
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    I don't know if anyone thinks of Barney Frank as a great leader, I would guess most of the people who vote for him do so either because they think he will vote for policies that they support or because they just think he's not as bad as they guy who's running against him. My personal opinion is that people who look for leadership from politicians are fooling themselves, and leaving themselves open to being fooled by someone else as well.
    I prefer to think of politicians as contractors that the people hire to do a job, in the same way that you hire a contractor to remodel your kitchen. I don't want a "leader", I want some who will do the job that I hired him to do. Unfortunately the contractor business around here has been monopolized by two companies, neither of which does very good work.
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    We all know POS stands for Pride of the Senate !
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    What a piece of crap. Good riddance Barney Fwank.
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    Not really. The piece of crap that called him Barney Fag, Dick Armey (the same Dick armey who helped to bankrole the teaparty)is the true piece of crap. Frank was a quick witted legislator, probably the funniest pol on TV.
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    He and Biden are the two funniest politicians in the National government.

    Can we agree Franks and Armey are both pieces of crap and both deserve to be in jail?