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  1. rebel

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    Anyone know whats going on with the basic packages? Last I heard it was in arbitration. Looks pretty clear that it is subcontracting with the USPS. Some of the guys have been filing grievances every 10 days for a couple of years according to our BA.
  2. If we lose Basic.....Count on losing many many jobs
    These are packages we never had, and will lose if Basic is eliminated
  3. seachange

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    yes. BASIC has a contract with the usps. so they sub contract the pkgs for the 'final mile' delivery.
  4. PAS'd out

    PAS'd out This ain't rocket science

    Some perhaps but we get an awful lot of Lands End, QVC, and LTD packages that we deliver directly to the customer. Matter of fact I have had QVC packages for the same person, same day delivered to both the post office and their home address. Go figure.
  5. Channahon

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    The shipper determines the level of service.
    The basic package is no tracing/no claims status for the shipper.
    Usually packages of low value and weight. That may explain why you had a QVC as well as the post office. Then again it could be a shipping clerk making the call.

    It is much easier to have UPS take full delivery of the package, then turn it over to the post office, from a tracking and visibility perspective for the consignee.
  6. pkgdriver

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    I deliver about 6-8 basics for every 1 that i deliver to the Post office. That pkg is 90% of the time a po box.
  7. SmithBarney

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    Why are you delivering basics? they all go the PO
  8. local804

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    They only go to the P.O. if there is a post office address on the package. I deliver about 10 basic packages a day also.
  9. SmithBarney

    SmithBarney Well-Known Member

    I was replying to this...

    When I ran, I was running about 25-30 Basics to the PO everyday.
    During xmas I brought in over 90... not fun especially when half of
    the gevalia boxes don't scan...
  10. dave_socal

    dave_socal PACKAGE/FEEDER

    There is an Internet/infomercial fullfillment wherehouse on a pick route I sometimes do because I'm mostly a W.A.D or utility driver in feeder. They ship 10 to 20 pallets a day of basic along with our other services. It seems to make the company money and I think it's good to have a full spectrum of service available to the customer. When I go back to my package center on occasion and have to do my old route I see one or two basic packages a week. So what's wrong with that?:confused:1
  11. local804

    local804 Well-Known Member

    Why would you have to go back to your old route if your in feeder? I dont see anything wrong with UPS making money on different services but why not have us deliver the 5 local stops instead of having the mailmen do them? We are going to be on the streets anyway and possibly at the same house making other deliveries. The basics were suppost to be the deliveries that USPS delivered to the rural areas. Long Island with over 1500 drivers is far from rural.
  12. dave_socal

    dave_socal PACKAGE/FEEDER

    My local which shall remain nameless is pretty lame when it comes to defending work that is in the general area but belongs to other bigger locals. They have more weight when it comes to establishing runs apparently. So I have to bounce back and forth until a premanent run become avaliable. I'm in feeder work roughly 75% of the time but I still retain senority over my package route. That's the way it is around here.
  13. upsdude

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    I deliver 10-15 "Basic" packages a day. I'm also seeing more "Basic" stops for business stops.
  14. rebel

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    I deliver about 35 a week to the post office. I think this is our work and we should fight to keep it. If we did have these stops to deliver I'm pretty sure we could have 2 or 3 more ft del jobs in our building. Contract is clear on sub contracting. Has anyone heard anything on the arbitration case?
  15. OldUPSDriver

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    Seven stops a day equals 2 to 3 ft jobs, i don't think so!!
  16. beentheredonethat

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    There are some companies that don't want to pay for all the frills of UPS service, (ie automatically insured for up to 100, 3 delv attempts etc. ) Fedex offers a version of Basic that gets the final leg delivered to the post office also. UPS doesn't offer Basic because it's a high margin package (it isn't). They are offering it to get the customer to use us for all facets of their delveries. Some companies don't want to deal with multiple carriers. If UPS were forced to have Basic pkgs delivered by only UPS drivers to the final delivery, we would lose money on those packages, and we'd stop having the service. If that happens, then the work those pkgs provide, (feeder, preload, local sort, and some pkg delivery would go away). I'm not saying every Basic pkg would be lost, but a lot would. So you have to ask yourself, do you want 80% of the work done by Teamsters with the other 20% delivered by the USPS (which is also union I believe). Or do you want the 80% to be done by Fedex or other non union companies. You may very well win the battle, but if you win enough of these battles we'll all end up being the loser to the likes of Fedex.
  17. upsdude

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    I just don’t see this as “Sub-contracting”. We’re picking up the packages and transporting them to a specific address. To me it’s no different than me delivering a product to a business and they turn around and mail it to their customer.

    BTW, how many jobs would we lose if the Basic’s were never in our system?

    I delivered 12 today (to the final address), out of 50 routes I’d have to guess we would have only run 48-49 routes without Basic packages.
  18. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    I guess I am a little confused as well. All basic packages are supposed to be delivered to the post office. At least that is how we are told to do it. I have also had other packages for a consignee as well as leaving their basic packages at the post office. I was not that hip on this service when it started, but it means packages in back of the truck. I guess we can't really tell the shipper where they can send their stuff.
  19. rebel

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    Do you think I'm the only one in the building delivering basics. Come on.
  20. 705red

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    Back when you drove 7 stops was worth about 9 hours wasnt it?