Be careful about recording over 70s

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    Be careful about recording over 70s .There was a driver fired today for recording oversized pkgs as over 70s today. From what I here in one week he record over one hundred over 70s . His reason was he was told by previous management to record oversized pks as over 70s . He should get his job back hopefully.
  2. MC4YOU2

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    As silly as it is to say you were trained by previous mgmt to do it that way, what tops that is that he was fired instead of simply correcting the mistake.

    My own feeling is that whatever savings UPS achieves by eliminating the problem by termination is negated by the energy taken away from the effort of the entire center when a division is created either supporting him or opposing him.

    Now there will likely be a lengthy grievance and appeal process to attempt to reinstate him. More cost. Unemployment claims. More cost. Morale in the crapper. Huge, nearly unmeasureable cost.

    Why do they not just say "Hey, this is not what you are supposed to do in this situation. Record only over 70's as over 70's".

    What a waste.
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    Why do they not just say "Hey, this is stealing, please stop. Record correctly in the future"? Um, because it's stealing (time, if you haven't figured it out).
  4. MC4YOU2

    MC4YOU2 Wherever I see Trump, it smells like he's Putin.

    Without disagreeing that its wrong to do it that way, my point is that it will end up costing UPS more to fire and likely ultimately rehire him.

    Why don't we fire sups who insist on working hourly positions in the preload or local sort?

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    Its not "stealing time" at all. He is making his planned day look better on the computer. This has nothing to do with his paycheck.
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    ...but it would affect his over/under allowed making him "look better on the computer".

    I am thinking he must have had prior T/W on this issue--I really don't think they would terminate on the first offense.
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    Depends. If he's in a bonus center then it absolutely did affect his paycheck.

    If he was making bonus then the company has a pretty clear cut case for stealing. If you get caught doing something like that around here it's a guaranteed walk to the gate on the first offense.
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    This driver was stupid. I'm sorry, but I have issue with anyone who is unethical. You can not say this driver didn't know this was wrong.
    Good luck telling his wife he no longer works because he is a LIAR.
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    There are a couple of drivers on the termination hook for the same reasons. They wont be coming back either, because they were showing 2 hours under and bonus dolllars kicked in. New division guy also grabbed a couple of honest mistakes guys to throw into the heap to get the over 70lb guys for sure. "You can keep the guys who made honest mistakes but the stealers gotta go" is probably how they'll wheel and deal it at panel.

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    There is no bonus. He was fired for dishonesty and from what I here they caught 7 other drivers who will likely be fired for the same think . There is plenty of coverage now that summer vacation are over. We had a driver fired last year for sheeting ars has a unscheduled pick up. When the driver would go to staples to pickup He would sheet every single ars has a unscheduled pickup and with no warnings he show up one morning and told him he was fired just like that and this guy was never a problem for management . They don’t ask question just fire you and make you fight to get your job back.
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    But if they weren't falsifying their DIAD entries, they never would have been fired. What does it matter if he was never a problem before? Sounds like he was always a problem, just never got caught.
    They KNEW what they were doing was wrong. Good bye and good luck to them.

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    The driver that sheeted the ars got his job back after a week unpaid. There was some unconfused about unscheduled pickup .We were told to sheet pks hand to us by a customer has a unscheduled pickup and now we are only aloud to use unscheduled pickup is when someone calls you over to there house to pick up a pkg.
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    One thing to be careful of is if you have a shipper than has packages that are under manifest as 1 pound or 30 pounds, yet are actually over 70. I have seen this happen many times. And some are habitual offenders.

    The driver puts pkg in as over 70, but the weenie behind the computer in i.e. sees it as 30 pounds. Therefore the driver is seen as stealing time when in actuallity the shipper cheated the weight (or made a mistake, yeah right).

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    over9five have you ever had a pkg weigh 69 lbs and record has over 70, because i have done this in the past, will not be doing it again but do you think someone should be fired for 1 lb.
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    So you have a few that you put in as over 70. I doubt it would raise a red flag. If they are habitual offenders pull the labels and turn them in that night so the problem can get fixed. And if someone came down to fire you, you would at least have a witness on your side.
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    No, but I do think the guy who "would go to staples to pickup He would sheet every single ars has a unscheduled pickup" should be fired. Do you agree with me that this driver knew he was entering this info wrong?

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    Yes i agree that both knew what there were doing was wrong and i think was very stupid just to make the numbers better. No different than management falsifying numbers but they all do it .
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    Expect the bus to back over you if you ever get caught doing something a sup tells you to do that, you know, is not right. There is no allegiance like "I'm saving my own neck" allegiance.
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    It is funny how UPS charges customers extra for "oversized" packages. I am told by my customers that some packages are charged an "over 70 rate" just because they are a certain size, regardless of the actual weight.

    UPS collects extra money, but we have the same time allowance for an envelope, or a dresser from pottery barn.
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    Have you ever heard the saying "two wrongs don't make a right?" That is a childish mentality "you can falsify, so I can." Life isn't fair, people get different punishments for the same crime. All you should worry about is how you conduct yourself and how others conduct may affect you. If management does it, well, that's solely on them.