Became a helper for the first time, questions about hours and driver release

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    Hello all,
    I applied for various jobs at campus temporary job fair and I got to be a UPS Helper.

    I got assigned to a driver and so far, 6-7 hrs a day. Hopefully I can keep >6hrs each day. The route is mostly wealthy suburban residential stops with a few commercial stops and there's already plenty of early Christmas deliveries.

    I read some posts here about some drivers who got to clock out rather early because their helper was very efficient, but I am not sure if that meant shaving off helper hours as well. What efficiency level should I strive for to get maximum hours for me while ensuring I stay in the desirable helper pool?

    We got to play with DIAD at the center for a little bit, but it wasn't too helpful. It was assuming non EDD and manually keying in address. On the route, all the packages were already entered. The driver uses DIAD V and "helper board" is DIAD IV.

    The driver operates both DIADs for the most part and he likes to do all commercial stops and most signature required stops himself. Is this typical?

    For non-sig required packages at houses, driver runs the DIAD in the truck and have me ring door bell, leave package at door and walk back to truck. We can't DR FD at apartments for an obvious security reason, so if the recipient isn't home, I NI1 it (for one or two times in the day I get to use the DIAD IV lol).

    So far, I just hand the package I Ni1 back to the driver. The instruction I got from center says to write D.I.R.T on the package. Is this still practiced and if so where on the package and who's initial (mine or driver's?) go on the package?

    The driver says I have to get signature for all apartment deliveries. If we can DR FD for houses whether or not anyone's home, why can't we DR MC at apartment to someone who answers the door?

    Also, I ran into one situation at an apartment. Some bratty kid answered the door. She didn't want to sign for it because she is not her step dad or whatever. I got driver's attention, managed to get the kid to sign it, but in the future, should I handle this as NA1 or NR1?

    All these questions should be asked to driver, but he seems to busy to answer them. I'm just trying to train in "train to survive" environment in order to keep myself in desirable helper pool so I can get my hours...

    I spent like two hours on my own at home, studying the DIAD IV manual.
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    I would use the diad exclusively for commercial stops unless I need to sort the truck, in which case I would setup the board at the sig screen and have the helper finish out the stop. Although, my helper I had a few weeks ago is going out as a driver, so to get him prepared I would let him do a little more than I do with a normal helper.

    For the service cross (D.I.R.T) use the driver's initials, since its his route, and the center is more likely to know his initials than yours, if an issue should come up).

    In theory, you can DR with MC (man,woman) at an apartment, but you get a slightly greater time allowance for obtaining a signature at an apartment, so typically that's what we'll do.

    In the case of the kid not wanting to sign for it, I would turn around and sheet as NR1, or refused (if they refused to sign for it).
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    Is there a reason for this? What's the difference between commercial and residential other than the 1 vs 7 after hitting stop complete?

    Although, my helper I had a few weeks ago is going out as a driver, so to get him prepared I would let him do a little more than I do with a normal helper.

    So what's the gain from spending extra 10 seconds to get signature after the door is opened instead of doing DR MC man/boy/woman/girl? Surely, releasing it to the resident face to face is less risky than DR FD. My driver is always frustrated we're not making enough stops so I'd think this speeds things up a bit.
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    just do the best you can