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    How long does one usually have to work as a package handler or driver helper to become a delivery driver. I have a bachelor's degree and have been working shift work as a police officer for four years. I'm starting a family and do not want to work nights anymore, so i'm looking for a career change. My expericence as a police officer and college degree proves that i am responsible, have the ability to work with little supervision and am capable of handling long hours and driving. I'm not concerned with long hours, not having to work nights would be a blessing.
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    It varies depending on your area. It takes years no matter what though, and at the current time, they're cutting routes and many drivers just aren't leaving so it's probably adding a few more years to the old 5-8 average or so it used to be.

    Someone else might able to come along and give you a better estimate if you told us what area you live in. No matter what though you're most likely going to be taking a pay cut, either from actual pay/hr our just the hours you will be working, so keep that in mind with the starting of your family.
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    I live in south Louisiana
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    My first job out of college was a route driver for Unifirst, uniform delivery service. I was hired with no experience and started out at $600/week. That was 8 years ago. Is it pretty much impossible to get hired as a driver if you have never worked at UPS before.
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    Have you looked into a seasonal driver position. We have had 2 seasonal drivers taken on as full time because in the contract it says for every 5 drivers hired one has to come off the street. In our area they tend to look at these guys first if they proved themselves as worthy when they were seasonal.
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    every 6th or 7th driver they hire has to be "off the street". try to find out if that spot is coming up soon. maybe you could get lucky and get hired without working part time . i was hired off the street 3 years ago. their first question is "do you have a degree?" and it sounds like you have some area knowledge and you must know how to drive a manuel transmission. they might ask if you are interested in becoming management. act like you are. if you become a driver you dont have to become management.
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    If you move to Canada you can get hired off the street.
    Edmonton and Calgary are offering (around)$18 an hr to start,top rate in 2 1/2 yrs
    that will be around $27 an hr
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    lake charles, lafayette, new iberia or opelousas?
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    Do you enjoy law enforcement? If you do and you plan on starting a family fairly soon I would suggest you stay where you are. The police work on a seniority basis and after you have been there for a while you should be able to go to days. If you go to UPS you could spend 5 to as many as 10 years working on the inside before becoming a driver. My advice is to continue to serve and protect.