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    I am a handler, about to turn 21, and I am wondering what are the requirements and disqualifications for becoming a driver?

    I'm going to school and plan to quit when I graduate in 2.5 hrs. My manager is talking to me about an FO route, which will work perfectly with my school schedule, but I want to make sure I will pass the background/driving history.

    I have had one ticket in the past 3 years, I did defensive driving and had it removed. I have had 2 at fault accidents and 1 non at fault accident in the past 3 years. One of the at fault accidents will be passed the 3 year mark in 22 days.
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    Every station has a manager responsible for new hires so this person will know the details of driving requirements. You will not be a driver long if you have recurring accidents. Eventually you will have to step down to an off road position.

    FO deliveries is a good introduction to getting somewhere safely on time with two challenges; it's early in the morning and your stops will be spread across large areas. See if you can find out the area you'll be in and drive through it a few times or talk to the previous driver.
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    Just have them run your mvr for the position. If you can't get the job it will tell them. You won't get fired from your handler job.