becomming a driver for UPSF and CDL question

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    Hi, new to UPSF I was hired on as a part time dockworker with no CDL. Anyways I would like to start driving for UPSF and start my career with the company. Just have a couple questions.Will UPS help me get my CDL and how long would it take me to start driving on the freight side full time? I have a clean driving record with one failure to stop at a stop sign 4 years ago (if it matters). I know locations vary but our dock is pretty big with about 35 doors. Thanks in advance!
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    Before they changed the rules, UPS required a CDL-c for package cars. They didn't pay for anything, but the supervisor would accompany you to the the test site with a UPS vehicle. Not sure if they still do this as no CDL is required for package cars.
    Good luck to you and welcome to our family.:wink2:
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    This is not true. I have never held a CDL in my 21 years with the company. I was hired holding just my Class C license. It was only recently that we were required to hold a non-CDL Class C license. Current drivers needed only to pass a written test to get the license. New drivers have to pass the written test and the road test.
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    we dont drive package cars but semis with UPSF
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    Article 5 section 4: "The company shall make equipment and management personnel reasonably available for employees to use to gain CDL qualifications on their own time."

    I would take that to mean you'll need to study for, and pass the written test on your own time. Your state's department of motor vehicles probably has study guides available. Get an instruction permit. Then (probably after some whining & begging) get some time behind the wheel in the yard and eventually on road with 'management' in the passenger seat.
    Seems pretty clear that you should be allowed to use the company's truck to take the actual test. I'm pretty sure you'll be sent to the company's clinic for the DOT physical/drug testing.