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  1. gman042

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    Have been on a vacation with family this last week. Encountered a few fellow UPSers along the way. Talked to a Driver in JAPAN TOWN in San Francisco. He said they have been slammed for months. His usual day.....160 stops out of a P7 and averages 12 miles a day. In Bakersfield talked to a driver on a mall route. Same story from him. Slammed. UPS says the volume is down....the drivers tell a different story. Opened my eyes a little bit to how UPS operates in the bigger environments. I am in Vegas now. Notorious for it high turnover rate for UPS drivers.
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    Stop count can be up, considering they cancel other routes.
    You know how that works.
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    We do---do you?
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    They can send me out with 30 stops or 3000 stops for all I care. I am going to deliver each stop the same. If my ETA is 10:00 then so be it. You (management ) figure it out because it's your :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:in job not mine. I tell you how to fix small issues before they become big problems and you ignore all of us so go :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: your mother.

    /rank off... Sorry. Lol

    It's 3:00 and I still have 145 stops left. Maybe I'm just bitter today.
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    You're a machine. Practice all safe work methods as well as the 340 methods. I'm betting at least 10:30 punch out.
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    So what your saying is the hub in Japan Town is something like this:
    Google Translate
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    あなたの言ったことを何でも Yah.....
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    The best I can do is 15 stops an hour on a good day,at 3PM with 145 stops I'd
    be punching out at 1 AM
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    i love crossing paths with fellow ups drivers while traveling. i remember seeing the driver that delivers sedona, az before i joined this site. i see they are a regular here. i was recently in southern louisiana and gulf coast mississippi and saw many drivers. i'm a cover driver knowing many routes out of my center. i like to see different areas everyday and i'm actually starting to get bored with them so i think i imagine being these other the one i saw in malibu, ca or delivering near the beaches in mississippi, or even delivering in alaska. wow, that'd be fun for a while! how bout the sticks in colorado? keep me away from the downtown NY routes though!! all i get to do uniquely is deliver to amish people and boy do they order stuff wow!