Been with UPS 10 years, trying to transfer?

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    I'm new here but I've been a pt employee at Omaha for 10 years now. I've done pretty much every inside job and done driver helper about 4 years. I want to transfer to the Colorado Springs area and would like to know more about the hub there. Specifically what shifts they have and roughly how long it will take to get a job. I know I have to do an education transfer in order to keep pay and benefits and that I'll loose building seniority. I'm a single father so I don't really have time to do the whole college thing right now, so I was wondering if I can just sign up just to get transferred and then forget about it, or do they make sure you follow through? What all does UPS require to do an educational transfer, I've heard a college acceptance letter, a class schedule and a letter stating the reason an educational transfer is needed, is that it? Sorry for all the questions.