before they hatch

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    For most people the word egg means a chicken's egg, and that means one thing: food. Scrambled, poached, or sunny-side up, mixed into cake batter, or gulped down raw- the variations are endless. Although we see eggs almost every day, there's something mysterious about them. Maybe it's the way they contain so much without having any seams or openings. Or maybe it's the promise of gold hidden within a plain white shell. Whatever it is- there's more to eggs than meets the eye.

    Imagine an egg on a table in front of you. The egg may be of any shape, color, size, or species. You crack it open. What kind of egg is it?

    1. Snake
    2. Turtle
    3. Dinosaur
    4. Chicken

    I say 2.
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    #4 Chicken
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    6 - It's my nest egg!
    Dam* structured annuities...It's my money and I want it now!!!
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    ha. that commercial is freakin hillarious!
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    4. yummy unfertilized chicken eggs
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    Turtle eggs are soft, aren't they? And I'm not sure snakes lay eggs at all, so I'd say chicken.
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    EAT MORE CHICKEN :biting:
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    some do
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    is 46 ever going to answer this!!!!
    I believe almost all snakes lay eggs..except sea snakes maybe?
    ummm funny story about "unfertilized" chicken eggs, when I worked at McDs on the morning shift we use to crack a couple hundred eggs a day....well one morning im sitting there cracking eggs, the egg drops onto the grill and two little wings and a beak are sticking out!....I later found out about 1 in 10,000 chicken eggs move onto embryo growth so please watch what you eat

    but ill take the dino egg
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    I got an answer Drew
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    well hook a brotha up then