being asked to go to another hub to help

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by ups2000, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Got a question. Been asked to go deliver at another hub since they are short people. now its slow so i was in danger of not working in my center so i said ok so i can get some work. lets say they ask me again but they let someone with less senority take my spot can i refuse to go to other hub or does senority not matter.
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    If it's just for a day you can refuse to go but than they are going to probably send you home and a SUP will have to do the route then nobody will able to win a grievance. If it's for more than couple of days you could bump.

    There are 3 centers in my local and I have been sent to the other two on occasions. I don't mind becasue they end up paying for me to drive there and back and it's usually none thinking ride around with a SUP day anyways. Also I'm going to end up getting bumped to one or the other so it's always good for the new guy not to put a bullseye on him at the start.
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    If someone with less seniority is working in your hub and there sending you to another hub you have the right to stay and work in your own hub get with your shop stewart. If you dont there just gonna keep sending you. Unless you dont mind
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    well then has been the second round of going up there. the 1st day has always been cake given me like a 7 hour day and i get done in 9 no problem. 2nd day comes around and they give me 20 more stops and 30 more miles and they think i should know the route already . just hate how they dont give the help the lighest stuff. and the center manager is kind of a jerk one time i had 180 in the blind and he had to come help and he said we need to pick up the pace a little. yea that worked i clocked out at 9 that day. just need to vent sorry.