Being force cover rate instead of top rate

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    So i been getting top rate when i get called to drive, which is good. But now they want to schedule me to drive all week, i turned it down do to having another job, so during the time they wanted to schedule me they schedule someone with less seniority, thats fine casue i turned it down but they still asked me to drive some of the days so i did and then the following payday they pay me as cover driver so i asked payroll and then the center manager came and talked to me saying that they wont give me top rate no more... can they do that?

    i work pre-load normally and if i work pre-load and drive 2 days a week i almost make double if i cover drive 5 days a week
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Why would you be getting paid top rate in the first place?
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    top rate when im asked to drive after pre-load casue there short drivers
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You still should not be getting top rate-----you should be paid at the casual rate.
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    i donno i know other ppl in my hub that got top rate for years till they go cover driving... i just dont want to go cover driving till i know i will always be cover driving. its not worth quitting my other job to only cover drive for a few months out of the year. so im guessing in new york if they ask you to drive a route when there short handed you dont make top rate
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    If you are unscheduled and they call you in to drive you should get top rate. Don't argue with them just say. " OK I'll talk to my union and file a grievance." Most of the time they will just cave like they should. You having a second job might be where you get into trouble though. See here a cover driver has to drive when scheduled. If we say no they can let you go as a cover driver. I can see where they tell you no I won't pay you top rate this week being that you declined to drive. But any other time you are not scheduled and drive they have to.
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    Cover driver mean different things in some locals. In California a cover driver is a part timer that covers routes during the year and utility drivers are full time drivers with out a route. So I don't know where you are so my info could be wrong.
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    Im a pt-pre loader & a pt-utility driver. When i deliver air, i make 12.50, if i deliver ground, i make top air rate. Which is a tad under $25/hour. However, i get OT after 5 hours for the day... Which means im making 39/hour for a couple of hours..

    Sadly, they do not need me unless its summer vacation, and more than likely a lot for peak this year...

    i understand utility is used differently in individual locals.
    my advice is to first talk to your steward(if you have one worth his salt) and if not go directly to the Business Agent for your local, if you havent asked steward yet, they may give you the run around as theyre usually pretty busy... Going by what he says you can make the pretty big decision of even mentioning a greivance as this can be treacherous territory.....

    They cannot pick and choose what rate and when they give it to you. Remember, they want all us hourlies to believe theyre God and do as they say AND dont ask questions. If you have a valid case, which you actually might, you would get back pay and grievance pay.....

    There are so many things this company does Im willing to bet theres walking greivances just waiting to be filed that nobody either cares about or they just flat dont know the contract...... Do not be either of those!
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    Art. 40 air exception driver makes top driver rate whenever he delivers or picks up ground packages. When I deliver air $24.74, when I deliver ground $32.29 but OT after 8 instead of 5. No hourly guarantees, only paid for the hours you work. I have been called in to deliver 1 stop that took less than an hour. Still get your 3 1/2 guarantee for your preload job.
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    thanks for the info im from cali to so what you saying sounds correct to me i jsut thought i could pass it up let the person with lower seniority be scheduled and i can still get top rate if they need more ppl to drive