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    There's seven drivers in my center giving warning letters for performance two of them for being 3ths over allowed. They all filed grievance and should win. The problem is they are being followed on road every other day some times twice a day and being filmed while on break. Is there anything to be done to stop the constant harassment or are the sups allowed to follow you on road every day if they wish too.
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    Document , film them filming you on break and file an article 37 grievance everyday that they follow you.

    Games can work both ways if they want to play, PLAY!!!

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    So you can file a grievance every time they follow you on road . The Shop Steward says theres nothing to be done. just make sure you do everything by the book.
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    You can file a grievance for whatever you want, wether you win or not is a whole diferent story. UPS plays the same game, throw it all against the wall and see what sticks.

    Article 37section 1 states:

    (a) The parties agree that the principle of a fair day`s work for a fair day`s pay shall be observed at all times and employees shall perform their duties in a manner that best represents the Employer`s interest. The Employer shall not in any way intimidate, harass, coerce or overly supervise any employee in the performance of his or her duties!!!
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    Why not get some of their fellow drivers to help them out by having problems to have the target taken off of them. The only bad thing is the drivers being harassed may not have any friends.
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    Is there some untold reason for them being followed? Everyone is innocent in their own mind.
    And yes, grieve, grieve and grieve some more.
    Had a chat with one of our sups yesterday about over supervision and he said yes, it can be deemed harassment.
    Although I could see UPS coming back with "well, they are out trucks, we can do what we please..."
    Don't most of these have GPS units anyway???
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    There`s`s something that can be done,get a steward with balls.
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    they do have the right to follow you but they do not have the right to follow you constantly. that is excessive supervision and harassment ,like grgrcr88 said have the steward file a article 37 grievence and if he won't do it go to the ba and i guarntee the harassment will stop.
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    What part of the country is this happening at???
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    St. Louis
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    New England. We had two Drivers fired in the last two weeks. Warnings hand out for everything. For example Parking in wrong location, unrecorded pkgs in car and for all those lunch runners who don't record there lunches in diad.
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    you must be down the cape with jacky boy.
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    central florida
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    Around here the division/district level management has nothing to do so UPS sends them out to follow drivers. We are in a recession and paying management milage to follow drivers which sems like a cost INCREASE to me.

    I have been followed several times in the last month. The latest was Tuesday. My building seems to be a favorite target recently and the accusations are wild against the drivers. If you do not know who is back there, CALL 911! Dont take a chance on who it is.

    In Florida it is illegal to videotape someone without their consent. Check you state laws.
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    every time there is a push to send a bunch of management out to follow drivers or do methods rides, the end result is always an increase in production, which is a cost decrease. Always. That is why UPS does it on occasion. The amount of increase is variable. The reason it is not done more, is there is tremendous push back from the management being assigned to do it. Again, Always. They don't enjoy being out there, I gaurantee it.

    If you are following methods properly everyday, then you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about. Just smile with the knowledge the management person following you is wasting his or her time. And is most likely doing it cause he was ordered to and is not happy about it.

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    You know jack :happy2:
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    Our senior driver with 28 years is being OJS'd right now for production. The only justice was he was sent out with our center manager today with 151 stops - on FRIDAY!! I hope Bob our center manager had a lot of fun! This route should go out with a max of 130 for 9.5!! This company sucks anymore!! I used to like my job but lately you have to suck up to mgt or run scratch to be a hero! But that is not good enough - I have to get Sales leads, no DF's, no complaints, etc, etc. Everything is my responsibilty, every day - now I know what it is like to work for FEDEX Ground! I would probably make more money doing that!
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    yeah i know JACK:grrr:
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    You do NOT have to get sales leads. They want you to so that the sales reps don't have to do it themselves. But you do NOT have to get sales leads.