Being picked on at UPS.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Andre Lamar, May 3, 2013.

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    I just started (not too long ago). I'm unloading. The supervisors and the manager are picking ONLY on me. I started the same day as all the new guys, even went to training with them. And I came every day at no later than 10 minutes early. They want me to unload the brown trucks very quickly (which is actually no problem for me), BUT THEY ARE ONLY RUSHING ME (OUT OF ALL THE NEW GUYS). Yesterday I finished unloading my side (beating all the new guys in a LANDSLIDE. Guess what the f&*kers made me do? They told me to go on the other side and help the new guys out and hurry. Why the f&&k don't they tell the new guys to hurry too? The new guys were going so slowly and they weren't telling them anything, only me. Guess what again? After I finish helping one of the new guys unloading his side, they put me on another side to help out another new guy to finish his side! Like I said, I'm a very hard working guy, but this is not fair. I wouldn't even be complaining if every one of the new guys was doing the same amount of work as me and was being told to hurry up. BUT ONLY F&%KING ME. Last week, one of the managers told me something NASTY, I'll never forget it. But I won't say it due to my job safety. I know there are spies on here.
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    ups is not a warm and fuzzy place to work
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    If you're using your real name as your screen name, then your international man of mystery days are numbered. Sorry about the harassment there pal. You're not going to like some of the answers on here I'm sure since we have some folks that like to stir the shat on here. Truth is, they like to ride the horse till it drops at UPS. The more you do, the more they expect from you. If you feel you are being unfairly treated, there's an 800 number where you can anonymously get stuff done. Of course things get done much better if you're not anonymous but your options are limited. Depends on how much you think this job is worth. Once you get seniority, you have more options at your disposal. Good luck!
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    I guess so, they just don't know that they're creating a very angry :censored2: union employee. Right now, I'll kiss their :censored2:. After that 40 working days. Oh lord mercy on their :censored2:. I'm going to beat my snail's 10 inch time.
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    It is almost like they expect you to work the entire time you are there. That is so unfair.
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    My guess is ole Andre has been picked on his whole life.

    In my walk through life, people have asked me why so&so was picking on me and I had not even noticed.
    I usually just joke back when someone gets confrontational and it does not register as harassment.
    I use the rule, will this be important 5 years from now and if the rational answer is NO, I let it go.

    Once you get insurance at UPS (or elsewhere), counseling is usually covered.
    It's not worth going through life like this.
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    I don't know, guys. I've been loading only two routes for the past couple weeks. I stand around picking my ass half the time. It's sore now.
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    Look on the bright side.. They don't make you unload any other colored trucks.
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    Andre, I'm going to give you a couple of UPS lessons. First, you need to have a thick skin. People criticizing should not be a big deal. Second, if you already made seniority you need to slow down because the reward at UPS for fast hard work is more hard work. They don't hand out gold stars or anything like that.
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    Exactly. I by no means want to diminish true bullying but there are kids everyday that kill themselves for far less than what I went thru as a kid.

    Funny thing is I never really thought of it as being bullied. They only continue to pick on who they get to.
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    Hey New Guy Remember one thing here...................We Keep You Alive TO Serve This Ship!!! Row well and live !!!! NUFF SAID !!!!!!
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  14. Management is trying "motivate" you, apparently it works.

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    Mom and dad tell you to get a job?
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    They're not going to give you a cookie and tell you you did a good job. Slow down, the faster you work, the more you work. Tell them you're working "safely". And when they tell you to go help someone can't refuse, that'd be insubordination. But take your sweet time getting there, hit the water fountain or the bathroom first...and help them safely too.
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    I believe there was an old communist saying that goes "We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us"
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    Are you attractive? Maybe they are interested.
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    My problem with todays bullying is getting in trouble for standing up for yourself. I would happily home school my kids if they got expelled for kicking someones ass for picking on them after doing everything else right and following the rules. Schools today strip kids of their self respect by not allowing them to defend themselves. Then they sit back and wonder why these kids wind up cutting themselves, commit suicide, or worse take their aggression out on others with knives and guns.