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    I know they are supposed to be black or brown, but do they have to be leather/pseudo leather looking? Old belt gave up the ghost, and I need to get one tomorrow. Tired of the DIAD stretching the typical dress style belts. Thought of getting one of slide adjustable "canvas" types or whatever fabric that is. Think it would solve the issue.
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    We've had drivers wear them but I would say it would depend on how anal your center team is about that stuff. Just don't make it obvious by having hte end hanging down.
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    Why pay for uniform parts out of your pocket?

    Uniform belts are free. Let the company buy them.
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    one warning about those slide/lock buckles * make sure the free end extends at least 2 inches beyond the buckle so you can grab and pull to release * the actual slide rod can lock so tight you can't budge it *
    had to cut one of those belts once when timeliness became critical * :whew:
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    Got me 1 for each season.
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    While I don't disagree, I noticed it was broke Friday night after work. Really don't want to leave it to chance there happens to be one lying around the center Monday morning, in my size. Plus, those belts suck. Like I said, the swinging of the DIAD stretches them out. Had already put three extra holes from weightloss and stretching. And heck, if I stuck with only what the company provides, I would be freezing during the winter. My Under Armour was the best $80 I have spent in a while.
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    the only THREE belts I own.
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