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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by STLFeeder, Aug 12, 2006.

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    What the hell happened to the link on that explained what all was cover with the medical insurance?? I looked all over, couldn't find it anywhere..
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    For hourly employees the Union Provides the benefits, at least where I am. So UPS would be opening a big can of worms if it were posted on the web site, and the benefits do not match what UPS says it should.
    Down here, most of the doctors quit accepting Aetna because Aetna would not pay the bills. That caused a big uproar in the working class ranks down here. Not only can they not get an answer as to what is covered, they now have to find a doctor who will accept the insurance that they are provided with. So the doctor that they felt comfortable with to treat their ailments and maintain their health for years is now turning them away and they have to go to someone who they don't even know.
    Talk about screwy. I guess it is time to find a new insurance carrier or here is an idea, let the people choose who covers them. Wouldn't that be nice, then everyone will know what is covered.
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    Up here with Local 688 we still have UPS provided insurance. Aetna for the Doctors, Blue cross for the hospitals, and Medco for the prescriptions. I use to be able to go to the benefits section on and it would give me an outside link to check into what all was covered for vision, dental, and medical. I can't find it anymore, and I can't remember what all they pay for with the vision insurance.
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    The St. Louis buildings have company insurance but us out-staters have CS insurance. We are in Local 688 pession with you though.

    Want to see everyone agonize over insurance. We get our insurance for the month by working or showing up for work on day in the month. I think we are the only local that does not need to work atleat one day a week to qualify for insurance.

    Its a struggle even getting CS to believe it but they always come through in the end.
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    Our benefits are UPS provided also in NNJ. I believe our pension is managed by UPS as well.
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