Benefits - 1 year, or 250 hours?

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    I have read on here many posts saying benefits don't start until you have been here a year. From the paperwork we got on orientation day, it seem like that is right for the holidays, PTO, etc. But the sheet from the union on the heath plan (NNEBT) just says 250 hours within any 3 month period is required for initial eligibility.

    So which is it?

    This is in Northern New England, Local 633.

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    The sheet from your Local Union sounds right for your area.

    The confusion over this issue comes from the concessions given by the IBofTeamsters in late 2007. Part-timers in the company's health plan thereafter have to wait a year. If they were covered by a Teamster plan, they generally get coverage after a few months.

    I believe it's in the National Master Agreement (NMA) that took away paid holidays for all part-timers for the first year (Article 22, Section 7). Again, concessions in 2007.

    Your best source of information (for your area, with it's own union contract supplement) is always going to knowledgeable coworkers (such as a shop steward) or a union staff member (business agent). Off the top of my head I would say there are probably at least 20 different contract Supplements; so always ask someone locally, about anything you read on this site.

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    Thank you for the reply. I suspected it might vary by location.
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    New England members are in local health funds. Benefits begin with local eligibility, not one year.

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    Good to know, thanks.

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    Assuming you weren't hired during a seasonal time period... it's 250 hours in a 3 month time period, then the benefits would kick in on the 1st off the month after UPS sends in your hours. (Takes an additional month for the benefits to start.). With layoffs, and people willing to go home early, it usually takes a while to get the 250 hours.