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    I hit my year in August and was expecting the benefits we were told we would get shortly after that (vacation days, raise, and insurance). However we are at the end of September and I haven't received any of that. I asked about it earlier in the week and was told insurance kicks in 2 months after our seniority date, our raise kicks in 6-8 weeks after seniority date and vacation isn't given until the new year after we hit our 12 months. Does anyone know how true any of this is because I don't trust anything management says.
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    Call your union local hall.
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    and or ask your HR person...
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    Your "raise" (anniversary pay rate) should have kicked in on your seniority date, on the paycheck for that week.

    Did you get paid for Labor Day? Paid holidays & option days should have kicked in.

    As far as vacation; you need to have worked a minimum # of hours, and it would need to be scheduled.
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    Better to ask strangers online in different locals.
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    Maybe he's looking for a "friend with benefits"...
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    Hopfully enrollment is wide open...
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    He is a she.
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    Don't tell @Indecisi0n
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