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Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Edman32, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Edman32

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    Hey guys I just passed my supervisor exam and will be starting as supervisor next Monday. I was just wondering since I've only been working there for a few months and now that I have become sup do I get benefits right away or how does it work?
  2. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    When ever you get them you will be paying for them.
  3. Anonymous 10

    Anonymous 10 Guest

    At least they are hiring people like yourself with tons of ups experience.
  4. UPSGUY72

    UPSGUY72 Well-Known Member

    UPS doesn't want there PT SUP to have experience they just want them to follow direction without asking questions.
  5. brown bomber

    brown bomber brown bomber

    here's your "benefit"..........bend over
  6. Nimnim

    Nimnim The Nim

    I think they have a really bad benefits plan they don't have to pay for.
  7. Lineandinitial

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    Bennies should start right away, depends upon what segment you are in. (Freight, SCS, Ground, etc.)
    Keep a good attitude and realize that things at other companies are the same or worse.
    You sound like a young person....ALWAYS keep your job and your Life in the correct perspective!!!
  8. tieguy

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    I don't know why I'm bothering to answer when there are so many union folks that know so much about management compensation.....:)
    and of course only feed you the negatives...:)

    Unlike union employees your benifits will start right away. This has been one of those caveats for the union guys that they choke on when they are doing their thank the union speechs. while they thank the union for their great benifits plans that they have to wait for forever; managment and non-union starts within 30 days.

    go see you HR person and see what you have to do to enroll for this year.

    As for paying; your selections dictate what if anything you pay.
  9. Prickle

    Prickle New Member

    Good luck with your career!
  10. TearsInRain

    TearsInRain IE boogeyman

    having been a loader for two years before i became a supe, this is the absolute truth

    also, your sig-line was my facebook status a few days ago, in regards to some drama with my full-time managers