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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this board and UPS. I was just hired on the 29th of July in the South Florida region as a loader. I am so confused about when my benefits kick in since a new contract went in effect today. I went to human resources today after my shift and was told 60 days. I mentioned that I thought it was 90 days. She told me all benefits kick in for new hires between 1 Jan 2008 and 31 July 2008 after 60 days. She even called another office to verify and said yes after 60 days. Was anyone else hired in the same time frame as me and if so were you told the same thing. Either way I'm just glad I made it in before 1 August. Thanks in advance to everyone.
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    It's 60 days from the first day you work. You have to get past you first 30 days to get there though. Good luck
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    Theyre right...If im correct and maybe someone else can help were hired before the new contract takes effect so its 60 days or 90
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    Depends on the local supplement regarding the old language. It's 90 days up here I believe according to the old supplmenent. The new master has strict language about 1 year overriding supplements.
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    you got thru to hr your lucky. just worrie about your 30 or 90 days first when it is time for bennifits you will be notified. good luck.
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    Thanks to all who have responded. You guys are right, I need to focus on my thirty work days first. On my third day they gave me just 2 package cars to load and when I was finished my sup said awesome job, now go help the rest of the crew down the line. So, now I know your not done till the whole line is done. It's hardwork but this is what I want and I will make it through it.
    I was just worried about the heatlh benefits because as of now I pay $380 a month through my wifes insurance. So 60 days or 12 months is a huge difference. Thanks again to everyone.