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    I understand this topic has come up before and I did try searching for answers but none specific to this situation.

    My fiance's grandmother passed away today. I was wondering if I am allowed to take time off, either paid or unpaid; but either way I need at least one day to attend the funeral and two would be fine so I could attend the wake in it's entirety and be with my fiance.

    And Is this considered death of grandparent by contract? Even though it is not a blood relative.

    I will understand by contract I might not be allotted any time, but I feel that I will have problems taking a day out of work for this with management. (sad to say this)

    My name is in the obituary, so there is no question there.

    Thanks in advance
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Let me begin by saying that I am sorry for your loss.

    Unfortunately, I don't believe that you are entitled to bereavement pay in that you are not related to the deceased.

    I would think that accomodations could and should be made to allow you at least 1, preferably 2 days, so that you can be there to support your fiance.
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    Thank you.

    That was what I was thinking but didn't want to just assume either.
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    sorry for your loss. no you are not entitled to paid time off page 72 of the contract. you are allowed the 4 days for farther and mother in law and 1 day for brother and sister in law those are the only in laws they pay you for. if your sups had any class they would give you the unpaid time.
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    Seems like it wouldn't be a problem getting time off right now unless you're in one of the places where work hasn't slowed down. Can't imagine your mgmt denying you the time.
  6. over9five

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    Agreed. Ask for the days before you bang in.
  7. LVD*4*LIFE

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    Agree......I could not imagine a situation where managemnet would deny time off. Just last Friday a kid asked off because his Grandpa was having surgery.
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    Sorry for your loss Steve. I'm thinking you wouldn't get funeral pay even if you were already married to your fiance for her grandmother.

    However, I'm thinking the center manager should give you at least 1 day off for the wake but prefferably 2 so you can attend the funeral without pay. This should come even if an optional holiday was already given to a senior employee as both request should be granted in my opinion.

    With so many drivers kicked back inside, why is even an issue in your center?

    Just curious.
  9. UnsurePost

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    Thank you. I'm not a driver, inside FT but anyway thankfully mgmt was understanding and let me take two days out unpaid to be with the family.
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    Didn't even know we got paid time off. My grandmother, who raised me, passed last week and yesterday was the service. My hours and pay have been cut in half - after 28 years - so, needing to pay the bills, I thought I needed the hours. Apparently, UPS needed them more. Well, at least I won't feel bad about not having a Christmas turkey to give her this year. But I know where I'd like to give a little stuffing.:angry:
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    I also am sorry for your loss!!

    If you were working here you would definately not be given any time off, we are working every driver we have as well as most air drivers are working full time package car to fill in the holes.

    If you were one of my local brothers my advice would be to make sure your attendance record can stand a call in, and call in for the 2 days. Multiple days in a row only count as 1 occurance towards the 4 in 90 rules.

    Good luck
  12. raceanoncr

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    Sorry for your loss as well. However! 28 years in should have ingrained in you that you get that time off, in most cases, at least 3 days off, WITH PAY! It's in the contract. You DO have a contract, don't you?

    That being said, UPS ain't gonna scan the obits and ask people if they need the time off. YOU'RE the one that has to pick up the ball and run with it.

    Don't mean to sound a little harsh here but something this serious may have warranted a little closer scrutiny. We can't blame UPS for EVERYTHING.
  13. Bubblehead

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    Don't ask.
    Simply inform your management team of the circumstances and let them know you won't be in on those days.
    From there it's in their court as how to code the absence.
    Since no bereavement pay is in the mix, your attendance record is the only issue.
    In my area it takes 6 occurrences in 9 months before you're called on the carpet.
    That has always seemed pretty reasonable to me.
    Any reasonable manager would code your scenario as scheduled off.
    Either way I'm sure your being there for your fiancee is appreciated,appropriate, and a possible deal breaker if you don't attend.
    Don't be bullied into any other conclusion.
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    Actually, I did tell them. They offered their condolences and that was the end of it. And yes, I do know that we get days off for it, just didn't know it was paid. Basically feels like I worked those days for free instead of being with what's left of my family. And considering that I've worked with this same management team for over 20 years and that I'm on-call for them 24/7, 364 days a year and I've only taken one sick day ever, perhaps I would have appreciated someone mentioning that there was no reason for me to have to be there. I know - my own damn fault for not knowing the fine details of the contract, but most of these guys in my building have never seen their union agent in years, if ever. And our steward might as well be wearing a "Property of...." shirt and tie when he does bother to show up for work.

    When my family owned a couple casino/lounges, we treated our employees with a lot more compassion and respect. I know - an absolutely novel idea to think of employees as humans and not numbers. Whatever happened to courtesy and ethics?

    Hopefully when I die 'cause I'm running as hard as I can to keep up with the new numbers, UPS will have the decency to not dig my bones up to make me come to work anyways. Never know. Zombies.... cheap labor.... if the company doesn't outsource the work to the penitentiaries first.

    And that's enough cathartic venting for this subject. :wink2:
  15. grgrcr88

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    Welcome to the new UPS!!

    With the downturn in the economy, they can no longer afford to offer good service to anyone, including and especially employees!!

    It`s all about the numbers!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I did not know his name was Steve.
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    Me either!:wink2:
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    lol just don't call me STUG
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    I dont agree with the ask in advance before you bang in. Knowing the way some management folks work he will end up getting a warning letter for abuse of sick time. Some could even go over the limit and try to terminate for dishonesty. If you know you are not entitled for the berievment time off, per the contact, keep your mouth shut with management and just bang in.
  20. brownIEman

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    Very sorry for your loss as well.

    I am also very sorry you were not aware you were contractually eligible for paid time off, and that none of your resources informed you of it, your stewart, BA, or management.

    I do have to ask why you seem to assume your management was acting un-ethically and purposely did not tell you to keep you at work. You were not aware of this contractual pay after 28 years, why do you assume your management knew? I have been with UPS for 17 years, in management for 9, and I just learned about this contractual language recently due to a situation where a stewart actually asked me to look into it for an employee. Prior to that experience I would have assumed your vacation, option, and sick days where the non-working paid days you have available and that was it. In most companies you would have to use days out of your bank for a funeral. This is actually a great benefit offered by UPS, as it is a totally unpredictable expense.