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    Hahha, truth! Haven't used the BlueParrott in a long time, but it's still in my bag just in case!
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    JBL Xtreme absolutely rocked in the truck. But the battery life they promote is horse doo doo. Lasted long for maybe a month and then it rapidly was losing significant charge after no more than 90 minutes.

    The Bose Soundlink is very lightweight, and long lasting battery even with the volume least 8 hours of heavy play before needing to be charged. Just don't get a great deal of depth from it. But definitely better than most choices out there overall.
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    My next one will be a BW.
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    Can you hear me now?
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    Loud and clear haha
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    I use a JBL Charge 3. Rated 20 hours on a charge but I get almost two full 11 hours days at about 50% volume. Very loud and provides full sound. I have a small bungee cord that holds it in place in the groove above the driver side door. Loud enough to hear well but at 50% low enough to still maintain ambient noise outside the truck. I.E. horns, EMS and people. Highly recommend.
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