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    What is/was your best dad moment? Was it with your kids or with your dad? Mine was with my son but because of my dad. We do our "nature" walks and every time we are doing it I am relating the things my dad taught me to my son. Sometimes it's like he's with us. On one of our walks we were following the creek that runs behind our property and the water was pretty high. My dad used to always give me grief about wanting to be right near the water's edge. On this day I had to keep telling my boy to get back from the water. I didn't even realize I had turned into my dad until we were walking back toward the house. Funny how things come full circle sometimes.
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    Lucky you that your relationship with your own Dad helps you to be a good Dad yourself.
    As for me, I was lucky enough the have my Dad around while my kids were growing up so they saw first hand many of the life lessons my Dad taught me. My kids were lucky to have two teachers at the same time. There are many times that while in conversations with my kids now that I hear them saying things my Dad passed down. These are not always bits of wisdom that protect us from harm, but sometimes bits of wit that keeps us laughing when it is most needed. We all had many times of shared Dad moments. My best Dad Moments come when my kids tell me, " You're just like your Dad".
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    The tapestry of our lives.
  4. I sound alot like my Dad also, it's to bad he was not able to be here to watch my kids grow, my daughter only has picture memories of him she was only a year old when he passed.
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    My greatest dad moment will come later in life. When my children are able to recall their childhoods and smile. When they are able to tell story after story of the times they remember, and the things they did. I can only pray that when they recall those memories I am a part of them. That the morals I helped implant into those thick skulls somehow made it in. The happy childhood memories of my children is the greatest dad moment I'll ever have. I hope UPS doesn't kill me before I see that.
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    My dad lives 2 miles away. See him 3 or 4 times a year.
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    My best memory of my dad was the last time I saw him and sat down to tell him # 2 was comming in 8 more months,but he figured it out before I got a word out.he said "its a girl this time,too many G/damb boys in this family.''The next week he was gone,and never saw her.There are plenty happy memories ,but the one I cherish most is leaving on a good note!! I think of him the most when I'm out fishing with my son,he actually loved fishing more than the REDSOX !!
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    My Dad was a "collector". He had a collection of just about anything you can name from door knobs to antique typewriters to pottery to canes to old magazines to old hardware to antique cash registers to you name it - he had it. When my Mother died many years ago my Dad spent the rest of his life going to auctions and rumage sales. No matter when I stopped at Dads house he was either at an auction or in his workshop fixing up his latest treasure. After he was gone we had a 2 day auction and sold most everything he had collected over the years. To this day most anytime we go to a local auction or estate sale we find some item that used to belong to my Dad. In fact my younger brother has even bought some of his stuff back.
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    I have often pondered this,and I find it very sad your dads lifetime of collecting,was gone in 2 days.I have quite a few comics and nobody in my family cares.I am getting old,I might as well sell them and buy a new toy.
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    I would have to say that my best dad moment thus far was 12/19/05, the day my little girl was born. Tomorrow or Thursday I will be repeating that feat when my son is born.
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    Lucky you cement!
    Just wait a year ....did you hear that hon' ....he said "box monkey":wink2:
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    As I have gotten older I have come to realize that we never really own anything. We just hang onto it until we are gone and then the next person gets to deal with it. My 2 brothers and I decided that instead of trying to decide who gets what we would sell everything. I should say "most everything" as we each took an item or 2 that we really wanted. As hard as it is to say it is much easier to divide money than devide material things. We did wait almost a whole year to do this and to be honest there are time we all have said we wish we would of kept one thing or another but in the long run I believe we did the right thing. The way I look at it is at least my daughter won't have to deal with hundreds and hundreds of boxes of "treaures" when we are gone. Every estate sale out there is someones complete life being sold in a day or two. I would vote YES - sell the comic books and buy yourself a new toy.
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    I was gonna ask about that. You guys will be in our prayers, C-Ment. Don't forget to post the pictures on here, for all of us nosey Aunts and Uncles to see.
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    Beautiful moment...beautiful thought.

    Remember forever, the feeling you feel, the first deep glance into those eyes as you hold your newborn baby boy.
    Someone felt the very same emotions when they held you for the first time and glanced into the same eyes you are now using to feel the same emotion.
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    Congrats, Mom, Dad and Sis!!!!! :bigsmile2:
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    My daddy, deep in pain, some how while in the process of dying and holding Alz off with a big stick...he managed a clear thought and told his hospice nurse that I liked Ice Road Truckers !!!

    Simple words... but the message held more information than a simple I love you.

    That moment ended up being my last 'real moment' as the center of his universe.
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    Despite the huge loads of grief my kid gave her stepfather at first,
    they're now probably closer than we are. Go figure.

    This is one of his 'Best Dad Moments" while she was in labor.
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    5, Dad moments.




    Dad & Julia June 7th 02.jpg

    Family  June 2003 Palm City Park.jpg
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    Congratulations!! Truly the greatest miracle in life.