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  1. clambert

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    So i been working pt for 6 years and the bid sheets came up and apparently i signed all of them but the cover driving one because it was in a diffrent location. now they're sending some one else with less seniority than me to driving school and i can't do anything about it..
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  3. clambert

    clambert New Member

    i didn't sign the bid sheet to go to driving school because it wasn't with the rest of the bid sheets so they're sending a guy from pre-load with less seniority because he signed it.They said since i didn't sign it there is nothing i can do about it now
  4. ChickenLegs

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    Last week I thought of the winning lotto numbers, but I didn't get a ticket. Nothing I can do about it now
  5. nicky

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    Where was the cover driver bid sheet?
  6. clambert

    clambert New Member

    all the bid sheets i sign were laid on the a counter and the cover driving bid sheet was posted on a bulletin board...if i knew it was there i would have signed it..
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    If i only knew how tough marriage was, I wouldn't have signed it. Geez.

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    Gotta sign it to find out what's in it!:funny:
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    I would file on it if they intentionally kept that bid sheet separate from all the othe bid sheets you did sign. Should be easy enough to prove you signed all other ones and you would have signed that one if it were present with the reason they all weren't available to be signed at once....dosent mean you will get the bid but at least you will have documentation that they are hiding bid sheets from you in case this problem happens again.
  10. UnsurePost

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    Never sign anything at UPS except your paycheck and bid sheets. You missed one, your fault.
  11. superballs63

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    That sucks, but if you didn't sign it, you can't win it. Crumby situation, but it is what it is
  12. Buck Fifty

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    ​Ba-dum ching .
  13. clambert

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    i wouldn't have missed it if i knew it was there..
  14. nicky

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    How much distance was there between the two and where are they normally posted. If they are normally on the desk and for some reason the cover driver sheet was in a place it shouldnt have been maybe you have a shot and only maybe... Likelyhood is that you are SOL