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    Big brown machine - Arabian Supply Chain

    Dan Brutto, president of UPS International, explains why the company will continue to invest in the Middle East market.

    This summer saw an announcement for the company’s infiltration plans in the region, with a Dubai-based joint venture aimed at developing the UPS express package, freight forwarding and contract logistics services across the Middle East, Turkey and parts of Central Asia.
    Having acquired the small package operations of Turkey’s Unsped, UPS hopes the joint venture will provide it with a strong position for growth across the region. Unsped itself has shown an impressive record of annual growth over the past three years, with revenues having increased over 18%.

    The endeavour looks likely to be a smooth transition - Unsped’s experienced employees are set to become part of the venture and its systems are already linked up to the company’s back-end processing due to its role as one of UPS’ service agents in the region.