Big Brown will be watching you

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  1. Has anybody else seen this?

    Looks like the boss will be watching a lot more.

    Bottomline, real time monitoring of your e-brake, bulk head door, seat belt, speed, etc.......while I'm sure safety will be improved, I see some people losing their jobs from this.
  2. Coldworld

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    great....its about time. Those "runners" who insist to do my route faster than me now have to follow the speed limit, shut the bulkhead door, use the handbreak, etc, etc. Now mgt will know when they go around the corner at 50 mph , on two wheels all in the name of looking good and getting off at 400. I have absolutely no problem with the bulkhead door being shut, e break put on at every stop, following posted speed, it protects me, the vehicle and the general public. This is a good thing.
  3. scratch

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    They will probably turn the system off or just look the other way like they do now on the Runners. The year on this patent is 2005, it has been in the works for a while. My 2006 P7 has a wire coming out of the floor behind the seat, but it was clipped off. The new Package Cars have had the Bulkhead sensors on them lately. I think the seat belts should be wired into the ignition so the Car won't start if the driver isn't belted in.
  4. mattwtrs

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    Great idea to protect the stupid!
  5. paidslave

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    Yes, but these sensors do no recording to my knowledge.. Looks like it is only for the driver to know HE/she is aware of bulk head door open, ect! Looks like they are sensors just like the ones that pop up on cars when the oil is low! So don't get your panties in a twist!
  6. local804

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    Would be nice if they added it for drivers and helpers at Christmas too. But you know what Scratch, as much as ups preaches safety, it will affect thier production so that will never happen.

    Perfect example.
    1.Safety committe make suggestion to lower speed limit on property to 5mph(very good suggestion)(Long Island) it happens.
    2. Pm times were increased a few click per driver= loss on paper.
    3. Speed limit is increased from 5mph back to 15 mph.
    what a joke
  7. Paid slave......the info will be recorded and time stamped and sent through your DIAD........I'm just now half way through the 50 page patent report and all this stuff is going live soon.........its already in all new pkg cars coming on line.

    It can send alarms to the center whenever parameters are broken and mgmt will use this as they see fit.

    Read it yourself, all the info is on links on that website.

    This patent was filed in Jan 05 and published in Sept 05 and it supersedes a previous one from 04. UPS has been working on it for a while and it's only a short time before it all goes live.

    DO your job the way your suppose to and you have no worries.
  8. GuyinBrown

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    Exactly. I love nothing more than murdering them with their own methods. :happy-very:
  9. steeltoe

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    I hope every driver in our company has seen this. If they have not, I certainly hope they did not vote on the contract, because they voted on a contract that they did not read. When I first read your thread, my thoughts were imediately that this person did not read the contract.
  10. ezmoney5150

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    They can add all the technology they want to me. The more I get slowed down the more money I make. Bring it on.
  11. hooksntees

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    This is already in certain cars in my area. It has been added to "older' cars. Check behind the seat for a wire leading up to your belt as well as a censor by the top left hand side of the bulk head door. they will also be monitoring parking brake and backing. If you follow their methods, all will be fine. It may not work with their numbers but remember "safety First!". Also per the contract, New electronic programs cannot be used towards any kind of discipline. But they can be used to hound us and make us miserable.
  12. happyboy

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    Great I have to deal with spyware on my computer, and spyware at work.. I wonder if they are going to put a sensor in the pkg car to tell if the driver is working off the clock in the morning, or put one on the diad to see if really took a lunch, or if the driver is running, or put one at air recovery or the fuel pumps to see if the driver clocked out early to make 9.5 .... no probably not that might cost the company money.

    How many drivers across the country skip their lunch in a given day? lets say 8000 do. avg 160 per state
    8000 X $25 = $200,000 A day wow a million dollars a week free money.
  13. paidslave

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    Diad holder doesn't do anything, so I don't know how you say it is wired in there?

    The only thing that is transmitted is through the satelite dish inside box of truck...
  14. paidslave

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    The only thing I believe how this will help the company is with not wearing a seatbelt if you get into an accident with an injury. Or stealing time off area or maybe if a package goes through the windsheild because you didn't have your bulk head door closed then the management team will know immediately.. Other than that, I think you are looking into this way to much. I also believe this is going way to far and is big waste of money! They should also monitor you with the camera on the back of the truck so they will know when you get into an accident backing, this way you don't have to call the office or police they will have it wired so everyone is dispatched immediately! Camera in the cab so they know you don't miss any scan packages... This is stupid! Big waste of money.........

    Also, I can't imagine paying someone sitting there all day long realtime, watching what every single driver is doing. Hope they watch me piss in a bottle too. This seems like a waste of money. This job is not even fun anymore!

    One last thing, they should use this money to pay people to do the job. Hopefully that all the drivers do the job so they can lay off the rest of the Tech boys!

  15. paidslave

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    Just read it thanks. This is absolutely the bestest and greatest news. Now when a supervisor trains a rookie it will all be recorded so the whole world can see how they learn the sly ways to work so when the crap hits the fans the supe will have no where to hide!

    This is the bestest news ever at bigbrown!
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  16. paidslave

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    The ability of the system to automatically collect and transfer data and communicate with an external data acquisition device allows for the automation of fleet management processes, vehicle maintenance and repair processes, and certain security features.

    Hopefully this information is public domain for all to see. We certainly won't need anymore time studies!

    This is awesome!!
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  17. satellitedriver

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    They pay me.
    If that's the way they want it, that's the way they get it.
    Watch me work all day long and pay me at the end of the week.
    If you are worried about sensors telling UPS that you are not doing the job to their standards, well then, IMO, you might be working for the wrong company.
  18. pretzel_man

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    Way too many assumptions have been made here about what this does...

    They are testing this invention this year.

    They are using it to predict a vehicle failure before it happens. That reduces automotive costs and reduces breakdowns. Why complain about that.

    They are using it to monitor safety issues. Seat belt, recording in DIAD while you travel, backing, speeding, etc. How can anyone complain about UPS taking steps to have a safer operation?

    They are using it to see off-area travel. I can see how one could complain or worry about that. However, UPS has had that technology for over 15 years. This is a newer version of that.

  19. outamyway

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    I was thinking today if they want to spend a ton of money on something why not just have cameras all over the car. You know, a cab cam, a cargo cam, a dash cam, a rear cam(not an RVM) Then they could pay a bunch of nonunion managment type employees to sit in an office all day and watch live feeds of the "runners and mikers" on the first shift. Then another shift would watch tapes of everyone else later on.

    Seriously, I have seen more things broken on a new P700 than some of the old 500s I drive. It's just another thing that has to be maintained and repaired. And what if something does break and it shows you wore your seatbelt, oh, some of the time. How do you prove otherwise?

    Why even train drivers? Why don't they just have an automatic audio supervisor to tell a driver what he's suppose to do.
    "shut the bulk head door"
    "buckle up"
    "your driving to fast"
    "use the hand rail"

    Way too much money being spent on another halfass UPS idea.
    But $8.50 an hour for one of the most important jobs at UPS is enough?

    Well good luck to those who have to sit in the hot seat first:thumbup:
  20. rocket man

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    When will they watch? When they're running missloads. If your not doing anything wrong. You have nothing to worry about. It will be rotten working to 8 pm . That's what happens when the short cuts are closed. The seat belt should be enforced only in person not by a faulty electronic message. The people that run out of area for lunch, and you know who you are-that should be enforced. There are exceptions. Some people have no choice. But if our company would make acceptable loops they would not have these problems. I hope on roads who are ready to enforce this are ready to put in twenty hours a day. They can follow everyone around, then review the faulty eletronic transmissions and do all the paper work they must complete. The company always wants a even playing field, with the competition but in a way I believe its going to even out our own field. Some drivers are not going to like it but it will be better for all. In the long run, I think it will be better, more high tech, less on roads makes more room for more proud union drivers. Let them watch.