Big B's Birthday - Oreo called Paul and

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    Blasted this message coast to coast!!!

    He said, "Any one with a Birthday...this is for YOU!!!!"

    The BEATLES birthday song
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    I got you a hot blonde to wish you a Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday Mr. President
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    Float like a butterfly...
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    ....sting like a Bee...

    Mariah Carey-Happy Birthday To You

    This one will warm your Heart!!!!

    This one should also open all eyes.

    As Muhammad Ali's boxing career started to wind down in the early 80's, he began to show signs of a neurological disorder. He had evident signs of decreasing motor skills during a fight against Larry Holmes in 1980. Parkinson's disease was diagnosed soon after, and it was noted that his illness was probably brought on by repetitive head trauma.

    No one really knows what brings on a Neurological Disorder.

    But Big, you have been great pal to me and this one shows you all the emotion I would give you to celebrate your friendship.

    And if the day would come when MS starts to win, I know that I could count on you to lend me a hand to make it across the room.

    ... you know first hand that MS doesn't have to win but sometimes the fight is hard...and your hand is strong.

    Happy Birthday to the Greatest!!!
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    Now you got me all hot and bothered!.....I had to take a cold shower!.....Hmmmm.....seems like I have a damp bath towel!.....You little minx!.....You better run and hide! I'll count to 5. 1.......2.......3......4......5!....Ready or not - Here I come!!!!!!:happy2: Thanks.
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    Happy Birthday baaaaby................. Happy Birthday toooo you. :happy-very:
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    So, it's a Pearl Harbor birthday??