Big Changes Ahead in TSG

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by NotSoBrown, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. NotSoBrown

    NotSoBrown New Member

    Rumors are starting to flow again. Has anyone heard of any cutbacks come January?
  2. Rumors

    1. A piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth.
    2. Unverified information received from another; hearsay. ~
    3. A spark chipped off a piece of BS meant to start a fire.
    4. Bait to unwitting fish.
    5. A waste of time.

    IN your case, be careful what you wish for, for you will surely get it.

    Go UPS!
  3. H_E_Pennypacker

    H_E_Pennypacker Large Member

    If there are cut-backs in January; it won't just be TSG...

    "You shouldn't have to push 6 for cantonese"
  4. nosupport4u

    nosupport4u New Member

    Big Changes Ahead in TSG

    Don't we hear this just about every year?

    I can agree with this after seeing some the changes that have taken place and more still to come....
  5. Familyguy

    Familyguy New Member

    Here is the deal... It is very obvious that this time January will be different. UPS is always, and I mean always looking for ways to save money. If that means reducing staff to increase both efficiency and cut expenditures on payroll and healthcare then we must deduct from that TTG, IT or whatever you call it is a prime target...
  6. simcoe919a

    simcoe919a New Member

    I am part of a district consolidation; I have no idea what is going on with my job. Now I am hearing that UPS is going to offer partners demotions. If they have a job available. This sucks.
  7. Deeohem

    Deeohem New Member

    Yeah, but that's not because your district is getting consolidated. It's because your manager is going to be forced to make the 2009 cost plan equal to or LESS than 2008 actual cost. Even if the June raise is zero, there's still going to have to be cost cutting
  8. ImpactedTSG

    ImpactedTSG New Member

    Every January I call some of my old UPS Tech buddies and see who still has a job. Looks like this year could be more interesting than most.
  9. simcoe919a

    simcoe919a New Member

    That all you got?
  10. ImpactedTSG

    ImpactedTSG New Member

    What do you mean is that all I got?
  11. simcoe919a

    simcoe919a New Member

    You spoke to a couple of your old UPS Tech Buddies who lead you to believe that this year “could be more interesting than most” What were their thoughts?
  12. celtics 2009

    celtics 2009 New Member

    this happened again today on district conf call very general discription of layoffs did not state any numbers of how many effected this is a joke get out while you still can the writing is on the wall pmt is a joke and so is j bevis and jack
  13. Dfigtree

    Dfigtree New Member

    Keep tellin' ya. UPS should never have gone public.

    What do you think the equation is?

    Layoff X full-of-hot-air senior managers to save Y hardworking ISers

    Maybe 10 for 1. Fire one Mr. Putz and save the jobs of 10 hardworking ISers
    (and productivity/job satisfaction would go way up)
  14. eXpendableTSG

    eXpendableTSG New Member

    Yep. I guess that we will find out more tomorrow. I'll tell you one thing... if I ever see J Bevis walking down the street, I would kick him straight in the nuts. Come to think of it, he would just shield his nuts with the sack of nuts he holds from his management team. They do nothing to show corporate what fools they are for believing in J Bevis and his magical reports.
  15. Monkey Butt

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    always liked ee cummings the way he did not capitalize use punctuation or conjunctions :weird:

    Buffalo Bill's defunct who used to ride a watersmooth-silver stallion and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat Jesus he was a handsome man and what i want to know is how do you like your blueeyed boy Mister Death
  16. I always try to read his work with fustian literalism. The startling pedantry forces once to veritable ooze transcendentalism.

    Go UPS!
  17. Hey there Defigger......its over 9 years since UPS went public, if there ever was to be some kind of LBO to take it private again, now owuld be the time. I sure don't want that. It would just allow whats left of the dead wood to put their heads back in the sandpit.

    Go UPS!
    (Publicly competitive since 1999)
  18. simcoe919a

    simcoe919a New Member


    Everyone: Read it one more time.
  19. eXpendableTSG

    eXpendableTSG New Member

    It's funny, but to be honest, I did need to look up a couple of those words. :happy-very:
  20. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member

    That is The Irony of ee cummings that he does not use big words in a pompous way he is but a hawker at circus sideshow.