BIG damn dog

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  1. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    This guy weighs almost 200 pounds. Biggest damn dog I have ever seen. He just decided he wanted to go for a ride with me and he wouldnt leave the truck until his owner went back in and got some treats to bribe him with.
  2. rootbeerman

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    looks like a mastiff
  3. trplnkl

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    Several years ago I was taking a box to the back door of a resi, as I opened the gate I backed in using my back to push on the gate. when I turned around there was Bullmastiff with a little more than waist high head looking up at me. Scared the crap outta me. He was just a pup, less than a year old and wanted to play. He had a tug rope in his mouth and would not move till I put the box down and took the rope, there was no way I was gonna win that match. After a few visits (with deliveries) I had gotten him to play with his basket ball and bootball as well. Good thing for me UPS wasn't using GPS back then. They slobber alot and that stuff is like liquid nail, you could hang paneling with it.
  4. Re-Raise

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    I pulled up to a farm house in a thunder storm and had to make a couple of trips into the shed with my cart. I left the back door open to my truck and a St. Bernard jumped in and hid under the shelves. He was a great dog (wish they all were) but scared to death of the thunder. I had to pull him out and smelled like wet dog the rest of the day.
  5. WyoBrown

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    Don't you find that the bigger dog the friendlier? Those little, mini dogs, they're the biters. Yappy little biters. Yesterday, I delivered a trailer. The front gate was wide open so I walked on into the yard and up a wood ramp to the front door. A pit bull on a chain appears from under the ramp growling and pins me to the wall. The guy comes out the front door and wants to know whats in the box!!?? Uh, mister...can you do something about your dog?
  6. Capt_Matt

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    its like i don't know whats in the box, but it has your address on it and so you either ordered something your dog to eat or new toys for yourself! If you think it is from someone else, please just sign for the box and call your dog to get away! You can do whatever you want to box now! as you run away!
  7. scratch

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    Sometimes I will get a split and deliver to a house with a giant dog. I don't know what kind he is, but he looks like you could just about throw a saddle over his back and ride him! Very friendly, he just startled me big time when he came around the corner and just about looked me in the eye the first time I met him. Its always the little ones that think they are tough stuff.
  8. Big Babooba

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    I used to deliver to a machine shop that had a Rotweiller. He used to sneak up behind you, put his head between your legs and lift up . He always was able to knock me off balance. Of course he wouldn't let me leave until I played tug of war with him.
  9. Leftinbuilding

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    I used to love some of the dogs on my route. One stop in particular had an old, slow Golden Retriever. Beautiful dog. When I stopped at the end of their long driveway, she would get up and slowly walk out to meet me. I always sat the pkg down so I could pet her awhile. She would then follow me to the door where I had to pet her again. She would stand in the driveway and watch till I left. Loved that dog.

    Then there were the Queensland Blue Heelers..........nuff said.
  10. finaddict

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    I used to carry Snausages when in delivery and the dogs learned real quick that the UPS man had the shizznit!! Not the crap dry crumbly mailman treat but a SNAUSAGE!!! Well, they'd hear my truck coming down the drive and be inbound through the side door before I even stopped (Cover guys had a warning note and ample "stock"). My favorites were two Pitbulls (different addresses) who were total goofballs and a young Lab. I miss the dogs :happy2:
  11. Tony31yrs

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    Years ago, when I first started driving, I was walking up to a house with about a foot high hedge in front of it. As I got closer, a huge, black Newfoundland, that was laying on it's side, picked up it's head and looked at me. It was the first time I'd ever seen one and it scared the crap out of me. I didn't know that they are usually friendly.
    I also had a big German Shepherd that hated UPS trucks, drivers and any other strangers. I used to pull up and beep because he was usually loose. Once I had to hurry to close the door on his neck because he was coming right into the cab after me. I always kept the door closed when I was going there after that.
  12. moreluck

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    You don't see many Newfoundlands around....other than AKC dog shows. I saw one at the patio at our Starbucks and was amazed at the size of the head......just massive. I, of course, had to strike up a conversation with the owner about his big baby. That dog was friendly, but his head dwarfed the little patio table. Beautiful dog !!
  13. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    There is actually a heartwarming story about the Mastiff in the picture. He is a rescue dog, he had been abandoned and neglected. The new owners havent had him long and are having trouble getting him to socialize. He is very timid and fearful, to the point of cowering and peeing around strangers. But when he saw my truck, he got up and came running. He was woofing at it and running circles around it, and the moment I came to a stop he was up and inside and trying to get into my lap. It made the new owner cry to see how he was suddenly acting so friendly and outgoing towards me and the truck. We think that, whatever abuse or neglect he may have suffered in his previous life, the arrival of the UPS man must have been a happy occasion for him, probably involving treats. He is a neat dog, I just make sure to keep a towel in the truck for cleaning up the slobber.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I backed into this resi right next to a a wooden gate, with my back to the wooden gate, when I turned around this huge dog (not sure what breed but it look like the dog in the cartoon strip "Family Circus") had his front paws on the gate and I swear his head was the same level as the pkg car!

    His head was so close I swear he spat in my mouth! I tossed the pkg to the front porch and he took off after it and I went the other
  15. drewed

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    why was your mouth open?
  16. New Englander

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    I have a rescued Bull Mastiff/Boxer mix.

    Same..neglected dog but loves my kids and is a wonderful family dog.
  17. WyoBrown

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    I have a Newfie, sweetest dog this side of the Continental Divide. She is big but such a sweetheart. Guard dog...nope, just wants to be adored by all and she is.
  18. finaddict

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    Sober, I tried to copy just a piece of the last comment and didn't have much luck. Basically, A lot of us love dogs. There are alot of dogs I have been afraid of but to the owner, it's their baby and I know the dog is doing what it will die for. Protect those it loves. I've met a few dogs I really did not like at first but once we got "familiar" with each other I was respected, trusted and very welcome. Never love anything that can't love you back. I love dogs.:cool_dog:
  19. The Brown Santa

    The Brown Santa Ping Pong Ball

    My father was stationed in Newfoundland in the Navy. Since I was a baby, those are the only dogs my parents have had. At one time we had four...:surprised:

    Seen one or two out on some different routes.
  20. bellesotico

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    Awwww look at the cute lil puppy! :)