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    Kind of like when UPS would hold a banquet for the Circle of Honor, gave out the "festive bird", and safe driving awards.

    I'm bitter since the UPS racing awards program is still active. What a waste!
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    I can't believe I had one let alone found it. Its dated October 1991.....Enjoy the memories!!!!
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  4. helenofcalifornia

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    At the end of each magazine, each shift got the opportunity to write about what was happening. I enjoyed reading them and hearing what was going on in other centers and hubs.
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    The Big Idea was to give service... Now the big idea is to try and please shareholders. Times have changed!
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    I like the Big Ideas. I think I have quite a few old ones in a box. Filled with some fluff but had a lot of good District news.

    I go drag them out once in a while to see what co workers looked like 20 yrs ago.
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    That was back when most of us felt like we were a part of something good. Now, I feel like a "Not so Necessary Evil". The company has definitely changed. And, conversely, my attitude toward the company has changed. Used to bleed brown. (for first 30 years :)) New-style management fixed that....
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  11. Sammie

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    I liked the little factoids that came with each issue:

    Most 2nd Day pkgs picked up from one shipper - one driver - one day - 10,482
    D. Parks Rochester, N.Y. 11-28-1982

    Longest term of employment - 52 years, 8 months
    P. Tighe, retired Metro Jersey feeder clerk

    Most consecutive years without an absence - 35
    B. Marks, retired Metro Jersey feeder driver

    (What's up with Metro Jersey?)

    Most pkgs delivered to one family in one day - 129
    C. Swanson Green Bay Wisc. 10/10/1985

    Longest safe-work-day record - 40 years
    B. Clifford Metro L.A. feeder driver

    Biggest Delivery Notice Received - 4 feet by 2 inches
    F. Nelson Tyler, Texas 01/12/1987

    Most years using the same lunch box - 16
    May 1972 to the present
    T. Thibault Manchester, N.H. driver

    Longest time using same creeper - 17 years, 9 months
    R. Pomeroy Whites Creek, Tenn

    Biggest fish caught - 782 lb Tuna in 1979
    T. Dunne Watertown Mass
    Maintenance Dept
  12. dilligaf

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    Sammie, do you have more of those?
  13. helenofcalifornia

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    I remember one that was a package driver who never brought back a send again. He had a record of like five years. I can't imagine the pressure of having to find someone to accept a package for the consignee who wasn't available. Those days are long gone.
  14. leastbest

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    I was given the title of LeastBest in 1978. I wear it proudly.

    UPSERNOJ New Member

    I have 3 dated Jan 93, May 93 & July/Aug 93. I take them out from time to time.
  16. mattwtrs

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    The Big Idea and baseball cards, who would have thought we'd be talking about them after they've been put in the trash.

    While getting receipts out for doing my taxes I found a 1993 UPS Thrift Plan Pocket Guide in the bottom of the file cabinet. The Plan payed 10.78% interest in 1993!
  17. Camping Nana

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    I think I can dig out a statement showing a year that the plan paid around 22% - :happy2:

    Those were the days!!!!
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    Hello Everyone,
    I am not sure where to start, I thought I'd try I have been looking for an old magazine "THE BIG IDEA". I am looking for an old back copy of the magazine, My husband was featured on a cover I believe in 1997 or 1998 it's him standing next to at the time the Brown delivery truck, his name is Leo Rincon, He works at UPS in Richmond, California, we used to have the magazine but somehow we lost it moving many years ago, he's a feeder driver now he been working for ups for 26 years now, I want a copy to enlarge and frame for our 5 year old grandson but I can't seem to find anything online except for a magazine on amazon called Big Brown; Untold story, please is there anyway or anywhere I can get a back copy from old archives? with my husband featured on the cover? I have been looking for this for 3 years now, I am hoping you can help me somehow or give me information on where to look. Thanks everyone, and I am glad I came upon this site.
  19. brownmonster

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    Big Idea was somewhat local. The crap we get in the mail now is pure corporate propaganda. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  20. DOK

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    I found about 10 years worth of these in a box in my basement recently.