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Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by fethrs, Dec 15, 2012.

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    My cousin had a friend, he was Big John, he was a big warm, fluffy kind of guy, he looked like Santa. He had a big heart and a big smile. He was only 51. He drank a lot and smoked. His big ol' heart gave out and his body shut down. He had a family and lots of friends and was a true Chargers fan. Thing is, he didn't have to go this way, he died cus he was unhealthy, too much booze and too many cigarros, bad eating too. His kids, grandkids and wife are devastated. He had lots more years to go. He was cool I miss him and I cried when I found out he was gone, but listen, listen to this....
    Please, please take care of yourselves . It's hard, we get tired and busy, and we forget to do the "right" thing, but put down the nasty cigarette and that bottle of booze and think of your kids and family that love you and depend on you. It's not worth that last drink or that damn cigartte. And you can die of old age and watch your grandkids grow up and tell them old boring stores of the "old" days.

    RIP Big John
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    Sorry for your pain.
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    Thank you AJ, its been kind of emotional with this, and the CT kids too.
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    I'm sorry for your loss fethers. Rip big John you are in a better place now
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    Thanks 407, he did love his beer and it was fun drinking with him he was a happy guy.
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    You have to live your life and it sounds like he was loved. There are a lot who will never know what it feels like to live a life(even though a short one) like your happy fun loving friend that according to you was loved. I hope I live for a long time but as long as I can remain happy and a good person I'm doing my part. This man did his part and I bet I would have liked drinking a brew with him and smelling his smoke(I don't smoke. God bless him people miss him and he was loved.
  7. fethrs

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    Well said.
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    I'm so sorry, fethers. RIP Big John.