Big loud feeder horn...not so much

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  1. For those that don't know-feeder horns are the same as pkg cars......not the air horns every other 18 wheeler has in the known universe. OK. Last night going about my feeder run and a covertible full of young men do the honk your 18 wheeler air horn thing. I try to ignore honking the horn for them as it is PATHETIC!(the horn). In this case they thought I was an a-hole and flipped me off.... If I ever do, most are quite confused and pretty much laugh. Last story: sitting in afternoon traffic in the bus full of high school cheerleaders/basketball/soccer whatever pulls along side......sure enough the honk your big airhorn movement starts. I tried to ignore them but they persisted.....I finally beeped the horn a couple of times.....and the look of confusion was priceless....they clearly were expecting something a little more the end I received an ovation and alot of smiles......made my day.
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    We don't have air horns for the same reason we don't have air bag suspension on the tractor AND trailer (like fedex does) and compression brakes.
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    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

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    Boobs for free aren't boobs to see.
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    as a senior driver once told me that's a pair of boobs you ain't never seen before!!!
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    Booby peaks? Is that a pun?
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    Feeling emasculated?

    One solution is to buy one of those hand-held air horns that sports fans use to celebrate. Keep it in your cab. Toot your feeble tractor horn first, wait for the looks of disapointment, then blast 'em with a long, loud trigger-pull of canned air.

    Alternatively, if you like to sing while driving, but have trouble hitting the really high notes, you can embrace your feelings of castration by reading up on the proud history of the Castrati at . . .
    Castrato - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Feeders are like women.....They are meant to be seen, not heard.
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    *&#$%^*(#!$^*_&^$#$%^&*)(__&%^$#$^*()__* !!!!!!
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    Because they want us to die?????
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    I get tired of not having an air horn-the kids who signal me to honk my horn get dissapointed when they hear the horn my Mack has.