Big money, fear and our elected officials

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 804brown, Mar 27, 2013.

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    Its funny. You look at all these threads on BC: TAXES, ENERGY POLICY, MARRIAGE EQUALITY, GUNS, THE BUDGET, HEALTH CARE REFORM, WALL ST REGULATION, CUTTING PENTAGON SPENDING,ETC. Lots of debating and ideas and proposals, etc. But when it comes to getting things done, we look to our congress or our legislatures AND THEY DO NOTHING. Then we blame the "other" party and move on. No one party or no one individual seems willingly to tie it all together and place the true blame for our stagnation as a governing entity. It is the fact that our political process is corrupted by the huge amounts of private money that flows into our system (AT EVERY LEVEL). We dont keep REAL tax reform because corporations and rich individuals make out swell with all their breaks and subsiidies AND THEY BUY INTO OUR SYSTEM TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!! We dont get REAL health care reform because the health care industry BUY OUR LEGISLATURE TO KEEP IT THAT WAY!! Same with walll st reform, cutting the pentagon, reforming the gun industry. Our elected officials are afraid of the nra's big money going to a possible primary opponent or general election opponent. Either way they are afraid of THE MONEY not people of their state or district. Even on a non-monetary issue like marriage equality, money played a big role. In california in 2008, BIG MONEY bought themselves a referendum to ban gay marriage (it was not a grass roots movement in california).
    In my opinion, NOTHING significant will happen in this country to move us forward until ALL elections at every level are publicly financed. When our elected officials are more afraid of THE MONEY and NOT US, we do not have a real democracy!! But is does give us all on BC lots to rant about though!!
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    And I thought you were estatic over that disaster "OBAMACARE" ??????
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    Sounds like you made all the arguments for why the federal govt is too big!! Lets get back to the state and local govt. Where they can decide how their communities wanna live!
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    Bam, nail on the head. But, it may be to late to put into reverse. What's in motion took decades to put into place. The powerful and rich don't want that change.